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Irish Concertina Lessons with Jack Talty



 Irish Concertina Lessons with Jack Talty

Demystify the concertina with this innovative three part course that will take you from beginner, right through intermediate, and all the way to advanced level. 

Whether you simply want to walk into your local session and play with confidence, or impress listeners with your masterful skills, this exciting course, taught by Irish concertina player extraordinaire, Jack Talty, guarantees results. 

"This concertina course by Jack Talty has been the best musical instruction I have undertaken yet!" Christina K.

These lessons will give you access to a treasure trove of information and unlock the key to your musical learning. Under Jack's expert guidance you'll learn to navigate the concertina with confidence, so that you’re fully in control. 

Jack will teach you absolutely everything you need to know - the best concertina tunes, ornamentation, how to learn by ear, cross-fingering, staff notation, harmony and more - divulging all the tricks of the trade as he show you the ins and outs of the Irish concertina.

Jack’s tried and tested teaching methods will transform you into the best concertina player you can be.

Features of the McNeela Online Concertina Course:

  • World class concertina tuition with leading concertina expert Jack Talty
  • ​​30 immersive Irish concertina lessons
  • Specially tailored content for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced players
  • 40 exciting concertina tunes
  • ​Exclusive bonus materials
  • Flexible lessons that you can pause, slow down, speed up, follow at your own pace and bring with you wherever you go. 

Your Instructor 

Here at McNeela Instruments, we want you to be the best musician you can be. That’s why, together with one of Ireland’s greatest concertina players, we’ve put together a brand new series of Irish concertina lessons that will unleash your inner musician and take you from absolute beginner to being session ready, in record time!

When it comes to learning music, you can’t beat the guidance of an expert teacher. And when it comes to concertina experts, well, there’s one name that immediately springs to mind...

Jack Talty is the leading concertina player of his generation. If you’re looking for a true master of the Irish concertina, this trailblazer is definitely your man.

'A concertina renaissance man...with an ear for the sublime...who has continually sought out the rarely illuminated corners where the concertina thrives.'
- Siobhan Long, The Irish Times

About Jack Talty:

jack-talty-irish-concertina-teacher-concertina-lessons.jpgJack Talty is a master concertina player from Lissycasey in county Clare. Immersed in the tradition from a young age, Jack began learning the concertina from his uncle, Noel Hill, at the age of ten. Today Jack is one of the leading concertina players within the tradition.

Jack holds a Licentiate from the London College of Music; a BA and BMus from University College Cork; and a PhD from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, UL. Jack has also been the recipient of numerous awards including the prestigious Seán Ó Riada Memorial Award.

An experienced educator, Jack has taught undergraduate and postgraduate classes at the University of Limerick, Maynooth University, and the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is in huge demand as teacher and was recently appointed as a lecturer in Traditional Irish Music in University College Cork.

As a performer Jack has toured extensively, and has contributed to over 80 albums to date as a musician, producer, composer, arranger, and sound engineer. In 201 he founded Irish music label Raelach Records, through which he released the critically acclaimed album Na Fir Bolg with fellow concertina player Cormac Begley.

That same year Jack also formed the award-winning Ensemble Ériu who were awarded the prestigious Gradam Comharcheol TG4.

​In 2016, Jack released his debut solo concertina album, In Flow, to critical acclaim. It was hailed as “majestic” and “full of gorgeous melodies and ear-catching atmospherics".

What You'll Learn

This innovative concertina course is guaranteed to help you achieve the best results at every level of your playing. 

Carefully structured in three specially designed courses, this series caters to the needs of concertina players at every level of their musical journey...

Apprentice Course (Beginner):

  • Learn your first trad tune in four easy steps, using just five buttons.
  • Build the foundations of solid concertina playing, including correct technique.
  • Learn how to confidently navigate the concertina.
  • Discover how to make the best sound possible, in the shortest amount of time.
  • Learn the five mistakes that all beginner concertina players make, and how to avoid them. No bad habits!
  • Explore the music that shaped Jack as a concertina player

Session-Ready Course (Intermediate):

  • Learn absolutely everything you need to know to master the Irish concertina.
  • Develop your current skills.
  • Transform into a confident, accomplished player.
  • Discover cross-fingering, advanced ornamentation, chords, harmony and even some composition.
  • Learn to play in a wide range of keys. 
  • Expand your repertoire with slides, barndances, and even slow airs.
  • Explore the very best tunes that traditional Irish music has to offer, all handpicked by Jack and carefully selected from thousands of tunes, for this course.

Expert Masterclass Course (Advanced):

  • Move beyond tunes and expand your musicianship.
  • Develop your playing, mastering complex ornamentation.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of harmony.
  • Expand your repertoire with an exciting selection of tunes including those from other musical genres.
  • Grow your musicality, creativity and independence.
  • Develop your own unique playing style.
  • Challenge yourself to be the very best concertina player that you can be.

Best of all, with any course in the series, you can learn entirely at your own pace. Press pause, slow down or speed up - you’re in full control. Set your own schedule and learn anywhere, any time. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have been transformed into a self-motivated, independent learner. Jack's tried and tested teaching methods are guaranteed to help you leave the frustration of learning behind. His expert guidance will help you to learn easier and faster. Best of all, he'll teach you how to establish a good practice routine that will help you reach the next stage of playing in record time.

How You'll Learn

- Learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home. Your experienced teacher creates a friendly, relaxed environment, making the learning process highly enjoyable for players of all ages.

- Follow a structured course that builds on each previous lesson. Increase your cognitive and motor skills through recap and repetition. Grasp new concepts easily as Jack provides you with the building blocks you need for learning.

- Develop muscle memory and commit tunes and techniques to memory as you develop your new skills.


Here's what people are saying about the McNeela Concertina Masterclass:

'I'm loving the concertina course with Jack. Well explained, clear, and great support materials. Thank you!' - Anne-Maree A.

'As a musician/singer I have endured many lessons in a variety of instruments, often feeling much time passing with little result. My decision to take up the concertina with the purchase of the Phoenix Anglo Concertina has provided unstoppable progress. The lessons address concertina mapping, notation, theory, cultural history and visual study - in an intelligent and well crafted format. Best of all, the student can take on the lessons to their own individual learning abilities and repeat sections as necessary within the course timeline. A happy instrument bringing much happiness.'  - Christina K.

'The lessons from Jack are the best idea to start with the concertina! He gives lot of clues which seem simple but are essential to easily go forward... I thought it would be much more laborious to learn this instrument. This course is also convenient for me because I can go forward at my own pace and whenever I want.' - Sabine R.

“I like the organisation of Jack's lessons and especially the focus on technique…His lessons are organized and reassuring. I have been a teacher and he uses introductions and summations well….[the lessons] are well done, motivating and encouraging as well as challenging.” - Libby M.

Transform Your Playing


  • Learn correct technique right from the start. That means no bad habits picked up along the way.
  • No nursery rhymes. We’re skipping straight to the good stuff - carefully selected concertina tunes that will have you playing with confidence from Day 1. 
  • Become a self-motivated, independent learner. Jack knows that the best way to create a great concertina player is to equip you with all the information and skills you need.
  • Learn the secrets to an effective practice routine. Discover Jack’s most effective practice routine and learn how to develop a personalised routine that works for you. 
  • Shortcuts to improve your playing instantly. Jack is a seasoned pro who can’t wait to share all the handy hints and tips he’s picked up along his own musical journey. 
  • Fluid movement. Become a fluent concertina player who can master any system and style of playing to get the most from your concertina, allowing the music to flow freely.
  • Unleash your inner musician. These lessons will help you to enhance your musicality, unlocking your full potential and allowing you to take your music-making to the next level.
  • Easy to digest, bitesize steps, with structured content. Each new lesson reinforces the knowledge you’ve gained, helping you to progress at lightning speed.

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