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The Irish Concertina

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 The Irish Concertina by Mick Bramich

Concertina aficionado, Mick Bramich, has written the definitive guide to the Anglo concertina. Inspired by his insistence that the concertina is capable of producing astounding music this tutorial book focuses on the Irish traditional music style. Written for the beginner player, Mick will take you patiently and thoughtfully through each step of learning your Anglo concertina. His systematic approach ensures you’ll be playing your concertina with ease and competence in no time.

Reviews of The Irish Concertina 

"We recommend this fantastic Anglo concertina tutorial for anyone hoping to produce beautiful Irish music, a dream companion for the Wren"  Paraic McNeela

"..a clear, well-written, beautifully printed and laid-out method on playing a single-note melody style. Sound principles!"  Harry Scurfield for The International Concertina Association

“... then I learnt Mike Bramich's teaching and suddenly the anglo was transformed to be fast, crisp and far more capable than the English.” Terry A. Forum


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