Wooden Flutes

Wooden Flutes

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wooden flute series 

will help you to achieve that signature Irish sound. Irish wooden flutes produce a unique warm, resonant sound that is instantly identifiable.

At McNeela Instruments, we have a wide range of handcrafted, top quality Irish

 wooden flutes

at our disposal. Our collection spans from our very own signature flutes, to wooden flutes made from some of the most well known manufacturers such as Arie de Keyzer, Des Seery, Martin Doyle and Sam Murray

These particular Celtic wood flutes are available in a variety of excellent tonewoods such as Rosewood, Cocuswood, and African Blackwood. African Blackwood tends to be the favoured wood amongst Irish flute makers as it provides a beautifully resonant tone while being rich in character and strong in volume. 

What makes these flutes unique though as a musical instrument, is the variations in their design, as some are semi-keyed flutes, while others are diatonic simple open-holed flutes instead (this limits the flute to playing in a major or minor key). Plus, some of our models are either 4 key, or 6 key models. As a result, each of these flute designs have their own merits and drawbacks, but ultimately comes down to player preference and the genre that they play.

Our flute range spans from models suitable for beginner and first time players, up to the most seasoned of flute veterans and


players, while still being on the affordable side as much as possible. That being said, all of our flutes are premium wood instruments and will be sure to be a valuable asset in your flute playing arsenal. 

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Tips for Playing the Irish Wooden Flute.