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Bravura Il Cannone Violin

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McNeela Bravura Il Cannone Violin  

This limited edition violin is expertly crafted to bring you a powerful playing experience. Based on the design of the famous Guernieri 'Cannon' violin played by Paganini in 1743, this highly responsive instrument opens up an exciting dynamic range. Offering exceptional depth of tone, with a strong, rich, resonant sound, each note rings out effortlessly.

This is a violin that will expand your playing, helping you to explore your full musicality and reach new heights.

Key Qualities

  • Powerful sound
  • Exceptional volume
  • Highly responsive, well balanced instrument
  • Vibrant, rich, open tone

Features of the McNeela Il Cannone Violin

  • Crafted from solid European wood, aged for 20 years
  • Solid flamed spruce top
  • Flamed maple back & sides
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Oil varnished finish
  • Aubert Bridge
  • 4 finetuners
  • Design based on Guernieri 1743 Cannon

Bonus Features

  • Premium carbon fibre bow included
  • Comes with luxury, velvet lined violin case with inbuilt hygrometer (humidity gauge)


Body Measurements

Back Body: 354mm
Upper Length (back) 168mm
Middle Length (back): 111mm
Lower Length (back): 207mm

Size: 4/4
Top: Solid flamed spruce
Back: Maple
Side: Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Ebony
Tuning Pegs: Ebony
Tailpiece: Ebony
Chin Rest: Ebony
Fine Tuners: 4 x gold nickel
Bridge: Maple

Aubert Bridge:

The Il Cannone Violin features a bridge produced by the Aubert Lutherie in France. These French luthiers select the best quality maple wood and their bridges are treated with natural products which protect the wood and enhance its acoustic qualities.

The Original Il Cannone

Il Canonne (or The Cannon) is a violin built by Italian luthier Giuseppe Antonio Guarneri of Cremona. The violin received its nickname from its owner, renowned violin virtuoso Paganini, who loved the instrument's explosive, powerful sound and exceptional resonance, fondly referring to it as his "cannon". Upon his death, Paganini bequeathed the instrument to the city of Genoa, where it resides to this day, housed in the Palazzo Doria-Tursi, still in playable condition. a lucky few have been allowed to play this historic violin, with jazz violinist Regina Carter even recording an album on the prized instrument:

A Worthy Investment

Inspired by greatness, The McNeela Bravura Il Cannone Violin has been built with durability in mind - to leave behind a musical legacy like its namesake - and crafted to the highest standards, making it a reliable, long-lasting investment that will continue to improve with age.

To completely put your mind at ease however, McNeela offers a one year guarantee on all new violins. Beyond one year, we will still happily service your violin, should the need arise. Additionally, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we offer a full, unconditional money-back guarantee - simply return the instrument within 14 days.

Violin Care Tips

To keep your violin in pristine condition, you must learn to correctly care for your instrument. Follow the advice below to guarantee the longevity of your new instrument:


  • When not playing your violin, always store it in its hard case with the lid fastened.
  • Remember to remove your shoulder rest before storing your instrument.


  • Like most musical instruments, violins hate extremes of temperature and humidity.
  • Extremes of temperature or extreme fluctuations of temperature, may cause the wood to warp, affecting your tuning pegs and the intonation of the strings. 


  • Humidity must also be kept constant (not too high, not too low).
  • If you live in a very dry climate or somewhere with long, dry Winters, you might want to consider investing in a humidifier. 

Extra Care

  • Hold the violin at the neck, not at the body. Oils in our hands and fingers can damage the finish of the wood. 
  • Wipe your violin down with a dry, microfibre cloth after playing. This will help to prevent a build up of rosin and remove any oils from the body. 
  • Check the bridge placement before and after tuning. 
  • Bring your violin to a professional luthier to be cleaned. Never try to clean it yourself using water or cleaning products.

Good to Know:

  • 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the Il Cannone Violin. See our Shipping & Returns Policy.
  • One year warranty. All our new violins offer a one year guarantee for parts and service.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), we ship it the same business day.
  • Priority Shipping Worldwide.
  • Option for FedEx 4-6 day shipping (enquire here)

All orders placed before 12pm are shipped the same day.
IRELAND (Next Day)
UK (5 - 7 days)
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