We have a premium collection of Banjos, Bouzoukis, Guitars, Harps, Mandolins & Violins to choose from.

All of our string instruments have been carefully chosen & are the highest quality. We have some beautiful mature violins which have been restored and modernised to meet the demands of contemporary players.
We pride ourselves on always offering a premium collection of products to our customers and we think our collection of string instruments reflects this. 

Want to sell your string instrument? If you would like to sell your string instrument and would like to display it on our website, please feel free to email us at with the details.

Shipping times: IRELAND (Next Day), UK (3-5 days), EUROPE (7 days), USA/CANADA & Rest of the World (7-10 days)


McNeela Ukulele


The McNeela Beginner Ukulele The McNeela soprano 15 fret ukulele is the smallest ukulele size and produces a great tone and that perfect Hawaiian ukulele sound. This size is perfect for beginners, younger players and is a handy travel size. Ukulele...


Selection of Framus Banjos

A Selection of Vintage Framus Banjos Includes a superb TGI Extreme Banjo Gig Bag Please contact me at or call me on 0872569672 for more information.    

Vegavox II Vintage Banjo


Vegavox II Vintage Banjo Beautiful vintage Vegavox II tenor banjo. Hardly played, like new. Dating from 1931-1932 The Vega Company was founded in 1889 and got into banjo making in 1904. Their banjos quickly became one of the most popular models amongst...

19 Fret Recording King Vintage Banjo


SOLD The tenor banjo first came to prominence in the early 1900's, and its C-G-D-A tuning is especially well suited for folk, Celtic and Dixieland music. The Recording King Madison RK-T36 is a unique 19 fret banjo  for players looking to add a...

Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. 1 Vintage Banjo


Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. 1 Tenor Banjo We have a B&D Silver Bell No. 1 tenor banjo for sale in excellent condition. There are few tenor banjos as well regarded or as beautiful in their simplicity as the Jazz Age Bacon & Day Silver Bell...

Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. 2 Vintage Banjo


Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. 2 Tenor Banjo Just arrived: Simply beautiful B&D Silver Bell No. 2 in excellent condition. Bacon & Day were highly regarded banjo makers producing some of the most beautiful and sought after tenor banjos in the...

CID Vintage Banjo


Key Points: Comes with a free case. 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the item. If purchased before 12 noon, it is shipped the same day. 100% refundable (For any reason, just send it back up to 14 days from when you...

Clareen Oyster Banjo by Tom Cussen [SOLD]


Clareen Oyster Banjo by Tom Cussen SOLD Legendary banjo maker, Tom Cussen builds critically & popularly acclaimed banjos using Irish materials. This Oyster model is in superb condition and ready to play. Key Features  19-Fret Tenor...

Leedy Olympian Tenor Vintage Banjo


Leedy Olympian Tenor Banjo This Leedy Olympian Tenor Banjo was made by Leedy in Chicago, USA in the 1930's. Crafted with beautiful walnut and nickel plated hardware it has a great banjo sound for traditional Irish music. Key Features of the Leedy...

Tanglewood 6 String Vintage Banjo [SOLD]


Tanglewood's Guitars are designed by some of Europe's most celebrated Luthiers, each instrument is a manifestation of some of the finest tone woods available, produced with meticulous attention to detail. Each instrument is quality checked and...

The Primavera Violin [SOLD OUT]


This is a beautiful student violin, available in quarter size only (1/4). It's the perfect beginner violin and is fantastic value. Comfortable to play and lovely to the eye.  Comes with a great quality violin case. SHIPPING: 100% Refundable (for...

Celeste Farroti Copy


Celeste Farroti Vintage Violin Copy 1924 We have this beautiful copy of a Celeste Farroti full-size violin for sale instore. Made circa 1924 it's in mint condition and nicely set-up. It plays very easily and has a lovely well-balanced sound. Take a...

Jean Baptiste Collin-Mézin Violin [SOLD]


Violin by Charles Jean Baptiste Collin-Mézin SOLD We have a stunning violin by French master luthier Charles JB Collin-Mézin from 1929. It's in lovely condition with all of its original parts and plays really well and with sublime...

PTB305 Carvalho Bouzouki [SOLD OUT]


This Antonio Carvalho bouzouki was made in Portugal by famed luthiers, APC. A good quality loud sounding bouzouki with plenty of resonance, it is a large body bouzouki with solid spruce top, sapele back and sides and an African blackwood...


The Bridge 19 Fret Banjo [SOLD OUT]


This is the "Bridge" 19 fret banjo which has a mahogany back. It's in great condition, and is a perfect entry level banjo.   Produces a lovely sweet tone and is a pleasure to play due to its great action.    Key...


Antonio Carvalho Bouzouki [OUT OF STOCK]


Antonio Carvalho Bouzouki PTB308 This is an Antonio Carvalho Bouzouki, handmade in Portugal. The sides and back are Ovangkol wood and the top is solid Spruce. It has an Ebony Bridge and fingerboard and arched top and 24 frets. With a full...


McNeela Junior Violin


McNeela Junior Violin The McNeela Junior Violin is perfect for young beginner players just starting to learn the violin. This is a solid performing violin with a good sound and just right for ‘trying out’ the violin and getting a solid...

19th Century French 4/4 Violin [SOLD]


This is a very nice 19th century French 4/4 violin, which boast a beautiful neck-graft, very fine grain and it has a very sweet yet deep sound. As with many violins of this age, it has been repaired and modernised to meet the demands of contemporary...

A Beautiful Old Full-Size Violin


SOLD: Dec 28th 2017 A beautiful old full-size violin, with a one-piece back and a neck-graft. It has been fully modernised, set up with geared pegs for easier and more reliable tuning, and it has been revarnished. It has a very balanced, strong, deep...

Full-Size Leandro Bisiach Violin [SOLD]


SOLD: Dec 23rd A full-size Leandro Bisiach, Milan school violin. It has a two-piece back. It has a clear, strong tone and it is very responsive. It is in very good condition and excellent price at €1500. Come and play for yourself, we are located...