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McNeela 34 String Celtic Harp

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McNeela 34 String Celtic Harp

The McNeela Celtic Harp is a 34 string traditional Irish lever harp, spanning four and a half octaves. Designed to cater to the needs of aspiring harp players, this beautiful instrument is guaranteed to bring a sense of magic to your musical journey. 

NB: Please note, delivery is currently available in Ireland only.

Features of the McNeela Celtic Harp:

  • Lever harp
  • Traditional design
  • 34 strings
  • 4 1/2 octaves
  • Gut & nylon strings
  • Maple body & soundboard

Bonus Features:

  • Free travel case worth €200 included

Please note, due to its size and delicate nature, delivery is currently available in Ireland only.

With a bright, clear tone and well spaced strings, the McNeela Celtic Harp is perfectly suited to playing traditional Irish music. The traditional lever system makes it easy to play in a variety of keys, meaning there are no limitations on what you can play.

Its sleek maple finish and curved lines make this an eye catching instrument that looks as good as it sounds. It's guaranteed to capture both hearts and imaginations.


Despite its size, the strings are well spaced. This makes it incredibly easy to transition on to a new instrument in the future as the player will have learned the correct playing technique and movement right from the start.


Everything about this harp has been designed with ease of playing in mind. Each string has a lever attached, to raise or lower the pitch.

This makes it possible to play in a variety of keys, meaning there are no limitations on the repertoire you can play. The levers are colour coded so you can easily navigate them and find your way around the harp confidently.


The detachable legs allow the harp to sit at the correct height and angle, encouraging good posture and allowing for comfortable playing, but can also be removed if necessary to adjust the height for younger players.


This is a sleek looking instrument that’s been expertly crafted from quality Maple tonewood. It has a beautiful curved neck and bow. Much like a piano, a harp becomes part of the furniture, and this would look good standing in any living room. 


McNeela instruments are built to sound good right from their very first note, and my Irish harp is no exception. 

This harp has a nice clear resonant tone, and it holds its tuning well, so you won’t have to spend hours re-tuning your strings.

It’s important to start out on an instrument that sounds good as it will really give your playing a boost. It really makes practicing much easier and far more enjoyable when you like what you hear.


If there’s one thing we love at McNeela Instruments it’s making music accessible to everyone. We offer quality instruments at affordable prices, designed specifically with the needs of student musicians in mind, and now we’ve set our sights on the Irish harp. 

Historically, harps have always been a huge investment, making them inaccessible to many. The McNeela Irish harp is a game changer, offering exceptional value for money.

It even comes with a free travel case to help protect it from any unexpected knocks and bumps which is incredibly important. The case is nice and sturdy which makes transporting and storing your harp so much easier. It’s another worry alleviated.

The Irish Harp

The harp is the oldest instrument within the Irish music tradition and has been played in Ireland for over a thousand years. This iconic instrument serves as the national emblem of Ireland, and in 2019 it was inscribed on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, recognising its unique place in Irish music and cultural life.

Today the Irish harp is has seen a huge surge in popularity and is played by musicians all over the world.

Good to Know:

  • 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the McNeela Celtic Harp. See our Shipping & Returns Policy.
  • One year warranty. All our new harps come with a one year guarantee for parts and service.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), we ship it the same business day.
  • NB: Please note, delivery is currently available in Ireland only.

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