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Irish Bodhrans




Welcome to McNeela Instruments - home of The Bodhrán Maker.

 We offer one of the best selections of bodhráns in Ireland & the UK. Browse our exciting range of best selling bodhráns below. 

Do you want to buy a bodhrán? All of the bodhráns shown below are crafted by Paraic McNeela, The Bodhrán Maker. Whether you're a total beginner or you have been playing for fifty years, we have a bodhrán to meet your needs - tunable bodhrans, non-tunable bodhrans, deep rim bodhrans, and shallow rim bodhrans. We also offer an exciting range of bodhrán accessories, including a large selection of the best bodhrán beaters for traditional Irish music. Take a look around at our unbeatable selection of Irish drums and see which Irish bodhrán catches your eye.

A bodhrán is an Irish frame drum consisting of a circular wooden frame covered with a goatskin head on one side. It is played by striking the skin with a small wooden stick known as a bodhrán beater, tipper or cipín. The other side of the drum is open-ended allowing one hand to be placed against the inside of the drum head to control pitch and timbre. This versatile musical instrument is the most popular Irish percussion instrument today and one of the most recognisable frame drums in the world.

Looking for some advice on which bodhrán to choose? Check out Paraic's expert guide: The Bodhrán Maker's Guide to Buying a Bodhrán

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