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Bodhran Offers

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Bodhrán offers

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Paraic McNeela

18" Tunable Bodhran

CNY 1,813 CNY 1,509

McNeela 18" Tuneable Bodhrán   Are you more of a purist? Prefer to play Irish music like they did back in the day with none of this fancy deep rim bodhrán business but with the modern convenience of tuning points? This 18”...

Paraic McNeela

Bodhrán Clave

CNY 61 CNY 46

Bodhrán Clave Introducing the McNeela Bodhrán Clave. Made from Camellia wood, this bodhrán accessory is held at the back of the bodhrán to create different sound effects while playing in gigs, sessions or concerts or for...

Paraic McNeela

The Celtic Ravens Bodhrán

CNY 341 CNY 296

 Celtic tradition associated the Raven with numerous figures including the goddess Morrigan, Bran the Blesses and the sun god Lugh. Throughout the Celtic regions the Raven represented war and death as well as magical and prophetic abilities. It was...