Silver Flutes

Silver Flutes

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Welcome to McNeela Instruments  

We offer one of the best selections of flutes in Ireland & the UK. Browse our exciting range of best selling flutes below.



Looking for a flute catered more towards the classical music side? Well no need to worry as we’ve recently launched our very own selection of quality sterling silver flutes that are perfect for any style of music. So whether you fancy yourself playing some traditional Irish tunes or Classical Sonatas, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at McNeela, we offer a number of handmade premium instruments while still being affordable so that you don’t have to sacrifice the financing side to get a quality flute. Our selection offers a number of silver plated models for beginning students and professional players alike. We stock a variety of the best flute brands and types such as concert and boehm system flutes, while also producing our very own best sellers. Our prime silver flute, The McNeela "Magnifica" Concert Flute outlines some of these qualities as well. With its silver headjoint body, and keys, it's clear that this flute is a worthy addition to any aspiring flute player's repertoire. 

Our range also expands to simple, open hole wooden flutes and traditional Irish flutes as well for anyone looking to dabble in or switch to more typical Irish styled flutes.

Previously Owned Flutes for Sale?

If you have a wonderful vintage flute in good condition and are looking to sell it, be sure to contact us at as we may be interested in taking it off your hands whether is be from brands such as yamaha, gemeinhardt, a preowned brannen flute or an altus flute either. We restore a number of vintage instruments such as banjos, accordions, violins, and more!

We also offer an extensive range of other wind instruments and items such as saxophones (alto and tenor), whistles, harmonicas and even uilleann pipes as well.