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Wooden Flutes


wooden flutes

will help you to achieve that signature Irish sound. Irish wooden flutes produce a unique warm, resonant sound that is instantly identifiable.


McNeela Music’s wide range of wooden flutes includes a large selection of Irish flutes by renowned wooden flute makers including Des Seery, Arie De Keyser, Paraic McNeela and Sam Murray.

These Celtic flutes are available in a variety of tonewoods including Rosewood, Cocuswood and African Blackwood. African Blackwood is the tonewood of choice amongst top traditional Irish flute players; these flutes produce a strong, rich tone and plenty of volume.

We offer the widest selection of wooden flutes for sale on the market, ranging in price from €300 to €3,000. Our flutes are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced flute players.

Our selection of high quality wooden flutes includes keyed and keyless flutes. Choose between 4 key and 6 key models to suit your needs.

Tips for Playing the Irish Wooden Flute.