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Mandolins are one of the most prominent folk instruments seen in the world of Irish music. That’s why at McNeela Instruments, we only stock the highest quality traditional Irish mandolins and accessories. Not only do we have on offer both a-style and f-style mandolins, but we also have some more customised and unique models unique to us. We guarantee that whatever kind of player you are, be it beginner or advanced, you'll be sure to find something for you here!

When it comes to buying mandolins, most people get stuck between choosing an a-style or an f-model mandolin. That’s why we have a plentiful selection of both to choose from. Our a-style mandolins are usually a little more on the affordable side, but don’t let that fool you, their oval hole and teardrop shape still packs a mighty punch and have a gorgeous resonant tone to each of them, making them perfect for playing Irish music or any genre of folk imaginable. 

Also, our f-style mandolins boast a beautiful intricate swirl design akin to most f-style mandolins, and also have a very strong and bright attack to their tone which means they’ll certainly stand out in a crowd. Boasting their signature f-holes, these mandolin models are equally capable of playing Irish music, bluegrass, or any folk genre as well. 

We also offer a plethora of accessories to improve your mandolin playing and to keep your instrument safe as well. Some of these include instructional books, instrument stands, mandolin cases, CD’s, and more!

Need more info on the mandolin? Not sure which one’s for you? Well be sure to have a look at our incredible music blog below for more on these wonderful instruments!

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