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, your go-to store for high-quality violins & fiddles. We stock a range of new acoustic and electroacoustic violins for world folk and the Irish music market. We take pride in offering a premium violins at affordable price to suit every musical taste and skills. Whether you're looking for a Maestro Violin for your gig or  Beginner Violins to start your classical or jazz gig, we have a wide range of options to choose from. Our Violins are available in a variety of sizes, ranges and sounds depending on your needs.
For beginners, we offer best in class

beginner violins

that have been set up specifically for learners of the violin world. They’veIt’s been built using sound materials and to a high standard, helping you to avoid the many pitfalls that a cheap violin or fiddle can bring.  


For intermediate violins and advanced violins, we offer our premium Maestro violin and Advanced Virtuso Violins  featuring a clear, bright tone with a full range of sound and tones. These violins are of a high quality build and are designed to last generations. We also feature top violins from the iconic maker Hidersine Inizio . 

Our range of electric violins are ideal for any level of player and will serve well as either a performance instrument or a practice aid. If you're unsure which size violin is for you, check out Paraic's personal buyer's guide:

To make the most of your fiddles, we also offer a range of accessories such as bowed strings, wooden and carbon fiber mounted


,  books, gig bags, and stands to keep your instrument safe and secure while you're on the go. Our violin cases and gig bags are available in a range of sizes and designs to fit your instrument perfectly, while our stands provide a stable and secure base for your violins.

Shipping: We ship your musical instruments all over the world, but if you live in Dublin why not come and test one of our best-selling fiddles for yourself? We are located in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in Dublin, Ireland. We would be delighted to help you out and you can try out some of our best fiddles.

Shipping times: IRELAND (Next Day) - UK (3-5 days) - EUROPE (7 days) - USA/CANADA and Rest Of World (7 days)


Violin for Sales

/ Repair ? If you have violins for sale or irish fiddles for sale, please send an email with details and images to  Also, parts for violin/fiddles will be available on request. (Fiddle repair parts, tuning pegs, fine tuners, end pins, tailpieces, shoulder rests, chin rests, fingerboards, bridges, tailpiece guts, case straps etc. ) If you have any questions, you can phone Paraic on +353 87 2569672.  



McNeela Maestro Violin

HRK8,250 HRK6,743

The McNeela Maestro Violin Sale Ends Sunday June 11th The best selling McNeela Maestro Violin is a beautifully crafted instrument that is suitable for fiddle players of all levels. This premium violin can accompany you on every stage of your...


H.T. Barry 18th Century Full Size (4/4) Violin

H.T. Barry 18th Century A late 18th century or early 19th century full size (4/4) violin, with a nice neck graft and a one-piece back. It has a mellow, deep and mature sound. It has been nicely set up and it may suit a player with petite hands as it...

Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste Colin Violin [SOLD]


  Jean Baptiste Colin Violin This French instrument made by Jean Baptiste Colin (1841-1923) is in excellent condition. It has a wonderful, sweet yet strong, and penetrating sound - an excellent professional instrument. Colin was based in...