Regondi English Folk Concertina

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Regondi English Folk Concertina

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Regondi English Folk Concertina
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Key Features

  • Fast and responsive action
  • Clear, bright tone
  • Czech-made steel reeds
  • 30 buttons with raised air button
  • 6-fold leather bellows
  • Traditional riveted action & lever system
  • Unisonoric system
  • Domed black Delrin® buttons
  • Perfect for folk and song accompaniment
  • Adjustable soft leather hand-straps

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Product Description


Regondi English Folk Concertina 

Our brand new Regondi English Folk Concertina is the perfect instrument for intermediate players. This premium treble 30 button English concertina in the key of C has been developed by Paraic McNeela to create a high quality affordable instrument that will take your playing to the next level.

Key Qualities: 

  • Perfect for folk music
  • Ideal for accompanying songs
  • Fast, responsive action
  • Perfect for rapid technique improvement
  • Traditional concertina sound
  • Designed to help your playing progress
  • Clear, bright tone
  • Well balanced instrument

Features of the Regondi English Folk Concertina:

  • Czech made steel reeds 
  • Traditional Riveted Action & Lever system
  • 30 buttons plus raised air button
  • Unisonoric (each button plays the same note on push and pull)
  • Domed black Delrin® buttons 
  • 6-Fold Leather Bellows
  • Adjustable soft leather hand-straps 

Bonus Extras 

  • Free premium concertina hard case
  • 14 day money back trial
  • Three year guarantee


Weight: 1kg
Measurements: 6.3" across the flats (162 mm), 5.75” end to end when compressed (146 mm)


Czech-made steel reeds.

These reeds are highly responsive and produce a strong, rich, melodic tone, with wonderful balance across the octaves. 


Improved Lever and Traditional Riveted Action system for a rapid response. 


6-fold leather bellows of traditional construction ensures flexibility, durability and response.

Prevents side-ways flexing for improved volume, dynamics and control.


Domed black Delrin® buttons with felt bushings for a friction-free super fast response and release.


Matt Black Wood Finish

What's the difference between an Anglo Concertina and an English Concertina?


The English Concertina, as its name implies, is primarily used to play English folk music. It's a unisonoric instrument meaning each button plays the same note on both the push and pull. As a result, it has a different button layout to the Anglo Concertina. 

Anglo Concertinas are bisonoric instruments. This means that each button plays two separate notes, depending on whether you are pushing or pulling the bellows. Anglo Concertinas typically feature either a Wheatstone or Jeffries layout.

Learn more about the different styles of concertina.

Luxury Quality

At McNeela Instruments we are committed to providing customers with the highest standard of instruments at the most accessible prices. Our low cost, high quality instruments are designed to assist our customers to achieve their goals. 

Superior Sound 

The quality of the reeds is one of the factors that has the greatest impact on the sound any concertina produces. The playability, sound and quality of a concertina all depend on the reeds that it’s fitted with.

We only use the best quality reeds in our instruments, including those designed for intermediate musicians. We want to enable you to sound good on every step of your musical journey.

Czech reeds are renowned the world over for producing top quality tone. Like all good reeds, these will open up and get even better the more you play them.

The Perfect Folk Concertina

Do you love to sing? The Regondi English Folk Concertina is a great fit for accompanying ballads and sea shanties. This unisonoric instrument facilitates the easy playing of chords, so you can play along while you sing your favourite songs.

A Worthy Investment 

The Regondi English Folk Concertina has been built with durability in mind, making it a reliable long lasting investment. As the bellows and reeds are exercised, it will continue to improve with age.

To completely put your mind at ease however, we proudly offer a three year guarantee on all new concertinas. 

Additionally, if you're unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, we offer a full unconditional money-back guarantee for 14 days from the day you receive your McNeela concertina.

Need Advice on purchasing a concertina? Looking for the best intermediate concertina for sale?

Can’t decide between a Wheatstone or a Regondi English Folk? Don’t know if you’re advanced enough for an intermediate concertina?

Our in-house concertina advisor is here for you, we’ll help you navigate the tricky process of choosing the right concertina, whether you’re a complete beginner, an improver or advanced level concertina player.

Get in touch by emailing

Legendary After Sales Service

Couple the above with McNeela's legendary after-sales service, as well as the Regondi English Folk Concertina's 3 year guarantee, and we reckon this is the best English concertina for sale on the intermediate market.

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Concertina Care Tips

The concertina storage tips below, courtesy of Chris Algar, will ensure your concertina stays in top condition for longer and will help maintain smooth action and playability.


  • When not playing your concertina, always store your concertina in its hard case with the lid fastened to prevent dust or grit getting in and affecting the intricate internal mechanism.


  • Concertinas hate extremes of temperature and humidity, we recommend storing your concertina in its hard case, in a room with an ambient temperature of at least 18C but no more than 25C.
  • Extremes of temperature or extreme fluctuations of temperature, may cause key functioning and moveable parts of the concertina to warp, sometimes to an irreparable extent.


  • Humidity must also be kept constant, anything under 40% humidity will cause the concertina to react and will likely affect the reed pan and cause other issues that may make the concertina harder to play or may prevent it from playing at all
  • In winter keep a tray of water near the radiator in the room where you store your concertina to prevent the air from drying out.
  • Those of you on the East Coast of the US, be particularly careful as your low humidity during winter may lead to internal damage to the concertina.


  • When storing your concertina, make sure that you keep the bellows compressed. Firstly, ensure that you have the bellows compressed by placing a tight elastic band around the concertina, secondly, keep the concertina tightly packed in its hard case.
  • Keeping the bellows compressed in this way prevents them from expanding and losing elasticity and means you won’t lose action on the concertina.

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Good to Know:

  • 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the concertina. See our Shipping & Returns Policy.
  • 3 year warranty for parts and service.
  • Free backup service for one year.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), we ship it the same business day.
  • Reduced Priority Shipping Worldwide.



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