Anglo Concertinas

Anglo Concertinas

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Anglo Concertinas 

The Anglo Concertina is a fully chromatic bisonoric instrument, perfect for playing traditional Irish music. The 30 key C/G Anglo Concertina is the ideal concertina for mastering Irish music.


Anglo Concertina at McNeela Music

Our Anglo concertinas are 30 button models in the key of C/G, featuring Jeffries and Lachenal/Wheatstone button layouts. Made with Czech steel reeds for a bright, clear tone and fast, responsive action, these high quality instruments will take your playing to the next level. 

Choosing an Anglo Concertina for Irish Music? Read this first. 

Anglo or English Concertina?

The English Concertina is primarily used to play English folk music. It's a unisonoric instrument meaning each button plays the same note on both the push and pull. This button layout facilitates the easy playing of chords, making the English concertina a great fit for accompanying ballads and sea shanties.

Anglo Concertinas are bisonoric instruments. This means that each button plays two separate notes, depending on whether you are pushing or pulling the bellows. Anglo Concertinas typically feature either a Wheatstone or Jeffries layout and are more commonly used for playing Traditional Irish Music.

Our Anglo style concertina reviews 

Light in the hand, fast action, neat and a good looking box - Paul S.

This concertina is super responsive. I can play fast tunes with very good accuracy. Completely worth the price - David M.

This is a lovely little instrument. It feels nice in your hands and has a beautiful tone - Liza G.