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These attractive instruments sound as good as they look and are perfect for players at any level.
We stock a selection of flat back mandolins including A style mandolins (oval hole mandolins) and F style mandolins (F hole mandolins) mandolins. 
What's the difference? Traditionally oval hole mandolins - with their pear or teardrop shaped bodies - are more commonly used for traditional Irish music and Irish folk music. F hole mandolins - with their decorative scrolls and embellishments - are more commonly played in bluegrass, country, and folk rock.
Whichever of our premium mandolins you choose, it's guaranteed to make you sound good, right from your very first note. 


Antonio Carvalho Mandolin [OUT OF STOCK]

CAD $307

Antonio Carvalho Mandolin MDL307   António Pinto Carvalho, founded APC Musical Instruments in 1976, with the purpose of constructing chordophones.   It was at the age of 10 when António Pinto Carvalho began...