The McNeela Original Accordion (C#/D)

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Special Offer

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The McNeela Original Accordion (C#/D)

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The McNeela Original Accordion (C#/D)

Key Features

  • Crisp tone, great volume
  • Lightweight, easy to manage
  • Durable, comfortable straps
  • Fingerboard with thumb groove
  • Ideal for beginners or intermediates
  • Designed for traditional Irish music
  • 1 year guarantee

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McNeela Music Instruments, founded by Paraic McNeela and Irish family owned and operated to this day, is a brand with a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of fellow musicians. Paraic established McNeela Music Instruments over 40 years ago with a dedication to providing exceptional instruments. McNeela Music continues to thrive as a brand driven by the love and appreciation for music.
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Special Offer

Special Offer

Free Access to Ultimate Accordion Lessons!

Buy The McNeela Original (B/C, 2-Voice) Accordion today and get free access to Benny McCarthy's Accordion Masterclass Course:

  • Full access to the Beginner and Intermediate Courses
  • Learn at your own pace with expert guidance
  • Over 10 comprehensive lessons including bonus material and tunes
  • Get all the details: See video below

Product Description


New McNeela Wooden Original Accordion (23 Button, 2 Voice, C#/D tuning)

The McNeela Original C#/D Button Accordion has been designed specially for traditional Irish music and is perfect for beginner or intermediate accordion players of any age. This model comes with 23 buttons and C#/D tuning to facilitate the 'press and draw' style of Irish button accordion playing.

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Is the McNeela Original Button Accordion right for you?

  • Designed for traditional Irish music
  • Amazing value
  • Suitable for beginners or intermediate players
  • Easy to play
  • Great volume
  • Crisp Tone
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Sturdy straps for comfortable playing
  • Thumb groove fingerboard for ease of play

The McNeela Original Accordion (C#/D) is an attractive and affordable option that’s ideal for any beginner or intermediate accordion player and one of the best options for sale on the market today.

This lightweight wooden frame accordion is a 23 key, two row, diatonic button accordion in the key of C#/D. It features top quality Czech reeds for great tone and volume and has large, smooth pearlescent buttons, an adjustable bass strap and a thumb grooved fingerboard for ease of play.

Features of the McNeela Original Accordion

  • 23 buttons
  • 2 row, 2 voice, diatonic accordion
  • C#/D tuning
  • 8 button bass
  • Modern C#D bass layout
  • Swing tuning
  • Czech accordion reeds
  • American cherry wood frame
  • Decorative fretwork on grille
  • Adjustable bass hand strap and shoulder strap
  • Also available with B/C tuning

Bonus Features

  • Comes with free Accordion Gig Bag


Take Your Playing to the Next Level

The McNeela Original Accordion (C#/D) is carefully crafted with ease of play in mind, enabling the player to take control and play with confidence, right from the start:

  • It features a flat fingerboard for ease of playing, with fast action and effortless response from the keys.

  • The bass is tuned for playing traditional Irish music
  • Smaller accordions offer greater ease of playing. Due to its more compact size, the bellows deliver air to the reeds at a higher pressure. This makes it easier to play at a louder volume and also means you won’t have to work as hard moving the bellows.

Quality Counts

At McNeela Instruments we are committed to providing customers with the highest standard of instruments at the most accessible prices. Our low cost, high quality instruments are designed to assist our customers to achieve their goals.

Why We Use Czech Reeds

We only use the best quality reeds in our instruments, including those designed for beginner musicians. We want to enable you to sound good, right from your very first note.

Our accordions feature top quality Czech made reeds which provide a bright, clear tone and plenty of volume.

Learn more about the ins and outs of the Irish button accordion.

C#/D Tuning

Our 23 Button McNeela Wooden Accordion features C#/D tuning. Simply put, this means that the outer row of buttons is in the key of C#, and the inner row is in D.

This setup makes all the notes of the chromatic scale available to the player, allowing you to play a wide variety of tunes on this accordion in a number of keys.

C#/D is the tuning of choice for players who prefer the traditional 'press and draw' style of playing. It's commonly used in the Irish dance music of the Sliabh Luachra style of playing, where the emphasis lies on punchy rhythms. Its edgy sound and rhythmic drive is perfect for playing lively slides and polkas.

Learn more about Irish button accordion tuning.

21 Button vs 23 Button: What’s the difference?

The New Original Accordion (C#/D) is a two row model featuring 23 buttons. Weighing just 3.1kg, this accordion will give you a greater range of notes without adding too much weight to the box.

With more notes you can play more repertoire. While this may not appeal to a beginner right now, it will give you more options once your playing reaches the next level.

Easy to Play

This lightweight 23 button accordion provides excellent ease of movement.

The pearlescent buttons have a smooth finish allowing your fingers to travel over them easily, allowing you to play at speed. They also offer a great response, making them easy to push, and therefore easy to play.

Note: New bellows may require a little breaking in, but once you have, they will allow for ease of movement and a fluid push/pull motion.

Sounds as Good as It Looks

The New McNeela Original Accordion (C#/D) is a sleek looking instrument. The beautiful cherrywood frame comes in a natural finish with soft rounded edges. The grille is decorated with intricate fretwork. This venting allows the accordion to produce plenty of volume.

The Czech reeds provide a clear, crisp tone and help to produce great volume. This small accordion packs a punch. So once you’re feeling confident enough, you won’t struggle to be heard at an Irish music session!

Keep It Safe

This lightweight button accordion comes with a free gig bag to protect your new instrument from any unwanted knocks and bumps. Our high quality gig bags make it easier to transport your accordion and will help to keep it looking like new for longer.

The McNeela Guarantee

We provide a guarantee for any material defects or dissatisfaction.

We proudly offer a one year guarantee on all new button accordions, against any material defects arising from the product. Beyond one year, we will service your button accordion for a nominal fee.

Money Back Trial Period

Additionally, if you're unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, we offer a full unconditional money-back guarantee for 30 days from the day you receive your McNeela Accordion.

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