McNeela African Blackwood Flute [OFFER INSIDE!]

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McNeela African Blackwood Flute [OFFER INSIDE!]
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By Musicians for Musicians
McNeela Music Instruments, founded by Paraic McNeela and Irish family owned and operated to this day, is a brand with a deep understanding of the needs and aspirations of fellow musicians. Paraic established McNeela Music Instruments over 40 years ago with a dedication to providing exceptional instruments. McNeela Music continues to thrive as a brand driven by the love and appreciation for music.
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Product Description


The McNeela African Blackwood Irish Flute

**Limited Time: Free Hard Case, Free Lessons, Reduced Priority Shipping**

Designed to a modified version of Pratten’s Perfected flute by Boosey & Co, this McNeela wooden flute delivers the characteristic Pratten big sound but with greater ease and at its current price beats all other premium wooden flutes on sale, hands down. Hear its powerful tone below ->
Session Flute
This good looking flute will get you taken seriously at any traditional Irish session and, with the excellent intonation, wonderful tone and powerful sound the McNeela Blackwood produces, you’ll always be welcomed back.
African Blackwood
We’ve chosen African Blackwood, the finest tonewood, because of its hardness, moisture resistance and excellent sound; this dense hardwood lends a dark, rich, and woody timber sound, which is exactly what you want from an Irish flute.
Sealing Technique
We use a cork-lapping sealing technique to protect the top tenon and for a firm head joint. This sealing technique also ensures zero leakage of precious air and helps you produce a ‘honking’ low D. Great for session playing.
Embouchure Hole
The flute features a squared ellipse embouchure hole for ease of play and a brighter sound. The aperture is smaller than standard Pratten-style making it easier to fill and keep filled so you can keep playing without exhausting your lungs.


Listen to Robert Harvey play 'The Old Flail' on the McNeela African Blackwood Flute below:

Key Features of the Blackwood Flute:


  • Powerful sound full of character
  • Takes air easily
  • Very Responsive
  • Beautiful intonation, complex overtones & big volume thanks to the African Blackwood
  • Little adjustment needed to keep it in tune
  • Strong low D
  • Effortless 2nd octave
  • Tuned to standard concert pitch A440
  • Cork Lapped Joints
  • Key of D
  • 8 tone holes (2 are decorative)
  • Comes with a free top quality foam-lined flute box
  • 30-Day Money Back Trial Period - No Quibbles
  • Length (Top to Bottom): approximately 26"
  • Distance from first tone hole to last: 8"
  • Reduced price Priority Shipping Worldwide
Tuning Slide
The tuning slide means you can adjust the pitch to adapt to any playing situation from a session environment to outdoor recitals and everything in between. Also handy if your venerable fellow musician is playing slightly sharp or flat.
Your Flute's Voice
We recommend playing your wooden flute daily for about 15 minutes initially and steadily lengthening each playing period to help the flute develop its ‘voice’. This is a gradual process but it’s a lovely way to condition and mature the flute and well worth the time.


Listen to Jillian O'Malley play Touch Me if You Dare (reel):

Caring for your wooden flute

Dry your wooden flute thoroughly after playing to prevent trapped moisture distorting and warping the wood. Always take the flute apart after playing and when storing, this takes pressure off the tenons. Lightly oil the bore only when absolutely necessary and if in a particularly dry climate, as over-oiling can cause cracks. Use cork grease on the cork lapping to allow for ease of disassembling.

Never pull the flute when disassembling, rather twist each part backwards and forwards and gently coax it off. Try to avoid very dry conditions and do not leave the flute in direct sunlight or near a source of heat. Always warm up before play.

Comes with a premium shock-proof flute case

Limited Time Only


Every purchase of the McNeela Blackwood Flute comes with five months free instant access to the Beginner & Intermediate Course of our exciting Flute Masterclass Series (not available to the public yet!).

  • 150 days of access to this life changing course, ($165/€160/£135 Value) completely free of charge.

  • Five months of expert guidance from one of Ireland’s finest flute maestros.

  • More than enough time to learn everything there is to know about the basics of Irish flute playing and become a confident and capable musician.

These beginner lessons will equip you with all the skills and tools you need to sound good right from your very first note. You’ll learn everything from basic technique and ornamentation to the very best flute tunes.

The perfect introduction to traditional Irish music, this course is a great choice for any beginner musician and the perfect companion to get you started on your musical journey.

One Year Guarantee* against material defects and dissatisfaction: It's important to be protected by a comprehensive guarantee that's why we proudly offer a one year guarantee on the McNeela Blackwood Flute against any material defects. We're very comfortable with this as we know that the manufacturing process was completed to the highest spec and nothing was overlooked. Even beyond one year we will service the flute e.g. replace corks etc, for a nominal fee.

*Please note: We cannot guarantee wooden flutes against cracks in extreme climates including the USA/Canada and Australia. If in doubt choose a polymer flute like our excellent Lon Dubh Irish Flute.

Key Points:

  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee for any reason (from the day you receive the flute).

  • 1 Year Guarantee against any material defects.

  • Free back-up service including re-corking service for 1 year (we proudly look after our customers and their instruments)

  • Comes with a free foam-lined box. The box contains three compartments for your whistles* and is shock absorbent for extra protection. *Please note whistles are not included.

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