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Browse our full selection of the best sounding tin whistles for traditional Irish music including the brand new Setanta Premium Whistles Range

Aulos 303A 'Elite' Soprano Recorder [SOLD OUT]

JPY 1,227

Aulos 303A 'Elite' Soprano Recorder The Aulos 303A 'Elite' Soprano Recorder offers student musicians the benefit of a comfortable feel and easy playability. The three piece plastic construction is a compact design, making the 303A ideal for...

Oak Whistle

Oak Whistle 'C'

JPY 2,208

Oak Whistle 'C' The classic Pennywhistle in the key of high C (soprano). Made using premium triple-nickel plated, solid brass tubing, polished to a lustrous shine and capped with a unique Oak adjustable (tuneable) mouthpiece. ESTIMATED SHIPPING...

Oak Whistle

Oak Whistle 'D'

JPY 1,840

Oak Whistle 'D' Made with solid brass, the whistle is then triple nickel plated to give it a wonderful lustre. A great starter whistle, it has a bright tone that has a bit of an 'edge' in the upper register, and requires less air than many other...


Setanta Fipple Separate [OUT OF STOCK]

JPY 17,786

Setanta Whistles Fipple PLEASE ALLOW A LEAD-TIME OF 6 - 8 WEEKS This fipple has been precisely engineered with a personal handcrafted touch and is available separately on the off chance that you might decide to upgrade or add to your...

Clarke Irish Whistle

Clarke Silver Whistle

JPY 2,208

Clarke Silver Whistle Robert Clarke's iconic traditional conical bore has been retained to give the instrument its unique sound, called "chiff". Made using tin-plate with a wooden plug in the mouthpiece. Produces a lovely sweet tone.  Comes with...