The Official Clarke Tinwhistle Teaching Set

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Clarke Irish Whistle

The Official Clarke Tinwhistle Teaching Set

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The Official Clarke Tinwhistle Teaching Set
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Key Features

  • Whistle in the Key of D
  • 160-Page Tutor Book plus 2 CDs
  • 23 Lessons and 50 Tunes
  • Gold Whistle Colour
  • Made from high-grade plastic for durability and lightness

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Product Description


The Official Clarke Tinwhistle Teaching Set

Start your tin-whistling journey with the Official Clarke Tinwhistle Teaching Set. This ultimate starter kit combines traditional music with valuable resources. Whether you’re a first-timer looking to play the tin whistle, or a seasoned musician already, this package has everything you need to start your tin whistle journey. Discover the charm of traditional Irish music today!

This set’s D whistle is made from a gold-covered durable plastic, designed for longevity, tone, and comfort. Its construction allows easy playability and it is a favourite for beginner tin whistle learners. The Clarke Tinwhistle is designed to deliver a clear tone ideal for Irish music.

The set is complemented by a 160-page tutor book and two CDs, containing 23 lessons and 50 tunes. This is to give some variety for different musical tastes and skill levels.

Features of the Clarke Original Tinwhistle Set:

  • Whistle in the Key of D.
  • 160-Page Tutor Book plus 2 CDs.
  • 23 Lessons and 50 Tunes.
  • Gold Whistle Colour
  • Made from high-grade plastic for durability and lightness.

Tinwhistle Types: Understanding the Differences

While exploring the Clarke Original Tinwhistle, it's interesting to note the unique characteristics that make each tinwhistle unique. This Clarke Tinwhistle in D offers a bright, lively tone suitable for a wide array of musical genres. From traditional Irish tunes to contemporary pieces, this instrument is versatile and adaptable to any personal preference and style.

For those looking to expand their knowledge, this set's handbook and CDs serve as a way to master the tin whistle, promising a rewarding experience for both novices and seasoned players alike.

Discover more about enriching your musical repertoire on our Irish Music Blog:

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