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Keyed Flutes

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Welcome to our Irish flute store loaded with brand new keyed flutes for both classical music and traditional Irish music. Here at McNeela, not only are we known for selling the classic keyless wooden flutes most known for Irish music, but we’ve recently expanded our collection to include some fabulous silver concert flutes, and wooden keyed flute models, perfect for playing both classical and traditional Irish music for maximum versatility!

Classical and Wooden Keyed Flutes

We currently have a mix of different brands available, from our own line of McNeela silver boehm and delrin keyed flutes, to other excellent wooden flute models by the renowned Sam Murray and the famous Arie de Keyzer. Our mix of keyed flutes spans all of the ranges and is sure to have models for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced flute players. Whatever the playing level, we’ll certainly have the right flute for you.

Most keyed flutes tend to be a little more versatile than your standard traditional flutes. This is because keyed flutes can have a wider range of notes compared to traditional wooden keyless flutes. As a result, keyed flutes can typically play in more than one key, which contrasts your typical diatonic keyless flute.

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Irish Flute Accessories

Additionally, we offer a good range of books, CDs, flute cases and other items that are designed to help you in figuring out some of the challenges of playing the Irish flute. These accessories aim to help you to fast-track your journey to becoming proficient in Irish flute playing. Explore our collection of CDs that feature pieces from  well known Irish artists like Robert Harvey, Fintin Vallely, Conal Ó'Gráda, and more.