Intermediate Accordions

Intermediate Accordions

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If you’re seeking to




performances from beginner levels, then look no further. McNeela’s range of intermediate accordions is just what you need.  Our selection of intermediate accordion ranges keep a steady balance between affordability and quality to browse within your budget. We make sure you don’t have to compromise your budget for your passion. 

Whether your passion lies with the classic piano accordion, or the cultural richness of the diatonic button accordion, our diverse selection of intermediate accordions is sure to offer a range of models suitable for you. They promise to not only extend, but deepen your knowledge and understanding of accordion music. 


Best Selling Intermediate Accordions

Each of our intermediate


are hand-crafted, made from excellent quality materials, and designed with an unmatched level of attention to detail to handle any kind of sessions or musical genre. Our incredible sounding McNeela Premium Three-Voice Accordion is ideal for players advancing to Intermediate level. With its extended range of 23


all in the keys of B/C, it produces a bright treble tone with a lovely resonant bass sound, thanks to its high quality Czech reeds. 
For our


accordion enthusiasts looking to level up, we also offer a separate page dedicated to advanced accordions on our website, featuring instruments in a higher standard and price range. If you’re interested in learning more about the Irish button accordions and their music, then be sure to check out our handy piece on the accordion tuning:


We totally get that stepping up from a beginner to an


level can feel like a big leap. That's why we at McNeela have got your back. With each accordion, we're throwing in free access to a life-changing accordion course for those who are taking their accordion mastery to the next level. This course is easy to follow and a very good start to a long term passion.
McNeela’s Commitments: We are committed in providing a broad range of


that aim to the preferences of all musicians. Each accordion in our series, regardless of whether they’re easy-to-play beginner options, or advanced accordions, are high quality, hand-crafted instruments, designed with care and precision to ensure a wonderful musical experience. That’s why we proudly offer a one year guarantee on all accordions, against any material defects arising from the product.
We’re responsible for shipping our musical


to our customers all over the world. However, feel free to pop into us at Baldoyle Industrial Estate in Dublin, and say hello if you’re passing through Dublin at any stage. We would be more than happy to show you our premium collection of instruments personally. 

Shipping times: IRELAND (Next Day) - UK (3-5 days) - EUROPE (7 days) - USA/CANADA and Rest Of World (7 days)