F Style Mandolins

F Style Mandolins

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The big debate on choosing a new mandolin is always the question of whether you should pick an A-style or an F-style mandolin. Despite it always coming down to personal preferences, there are a few factors that make the 'Florentine', or 'F-style' mandolins unique. That’s why at McNeela Instruments, we’re sure to outline these potential differences in the mandolin family, and offer you the highest quality F-style mandolins around!

The key features of the ‘F style’ mandolin are the various swirls found on the body and headstock of the instrument. F style mandolins also sport their famous ‘F holes’ which project the sound of the mandolin (which are the same sound holes found on violins and cello instruments). These key aspects give F-style hand-carved models a fancier look that contrasts the more subtle style of the A style mandolin models.

In turn, F style mandolins tend to have a much brighter tone with a stronger attack in its timbre. That’s why they’re usually featured more in certain styles of mandolin folk music such as bluegrass and country western, due to having a bit more of a percussive sound to them. They’ve also found their place in traditional Irish music as well, becoming one of the most popular instruments within the Irish music circle.

However, it should be noted that the higher quality the mandolin is, the fewer differences there are between A-style mandolin and F-style mandolin models, so people tend to choose their new mandolin due to aesthetic preferences. We even have some sunburst F-style models for those looking for a more radiant finish to their instrument.

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