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All Accordions for Sale

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Welcome to the McNeela Online Accordion Store. Here, we offer a wide range of both button accordion and piano accordion models for traditional Irish music, all at an affordable price!


We have a good selection of beginner-friendly and professional-grade accordions for every kind of accordion player. So whether or not you’re picking up this instrument for the first time, or are already a well-versed accordionist, we’re sure to have something of value.


Our specialty in traditional button accordions has led us to offering a wide selection of top-quality button accordions and even one-row melodeons as well. These accordions are available in either the keys of B/C or C#/D major. The combinations of these two keys allows the accordion to play diatonically within these two keys and chromatically using both as well!


As the top choice for beginners of Irish music, our McNeela 21 Button Accordion offers unrivaled value. With it's easy-to-press keys and buttons, resonant bass, clear treble and a compelling volume, it's a perfect instrument for those just picking up the accordion for the first time. Even long practice sessions are comfortable to play, thanks to its light-weight size and Czech reeds.


In addition, we also offer an excellent range of concertina accordions and used accordions for sale along with a range of vintage accordions by Paolo Soprani, Hohner and more. Be sure to contact us if you’re looking to sell a second-hand accordion in good condition.


Curious to know more about the Irish Accordion? Be sure to check out our Irish music blog below!



Our McNeela Guarantee: We provide a guarantee for any material defects or dissatisfaction for your accordion. We proudly offer a one year guarantee on all new button accordions, against any material defects arising from the product. Beyond one year, we will service your accordion for a nominal fee. Also to ensure safety of your accordions, we offer high-quality gig bag for every accordion.


We ship your musical instrument worldwide. If you're here in Dublin why not come and test one of our best-selling beginner's accordions for yourself? We are located in Baldoyle Industrial Estate in Dublin, Ireland. We would be delighted to help you out and you can try out some of our best accordions.


Shipping times: IRELAND (Next Day) - UK (3-5 days) - EUROPE (7 days) - USA/CANADA and Rest Of World (7 days)