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McNeela Beginner Tenor Saxophone Set in Black Nickel

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McNeela Black Nickel Beginner Tenor Saxophone Set

Designed with ease of play in mind, the McNeela Beginner Tenor Saxophone in Bb is a stylish, durable instrument that's ideal for students of any age. With its attractive black nickel finish, its contrasting gold lacquered keys and an ornately engraved bell, this tenor sax offers sleek good looks that are well matched by its smooth, mellow tone. 

Hear the McNeela Beginner Tenor Sax in action in the hands of the brilliant Tom Caraher:

The McNeela Beginner Tenor Saxophone is a responsive instrument that offers a comfortable playing experience and easy blowing response, bringing you top quality at an affordable price. 

This quality saxophone comes as part of a set that includes everything you need to keep your instrument looking and sounding its best, including:

- a sturdy saxophone case to protect from unwanted knocks or bumps (perfect for storage and transport)
- a neck strap for added comfort and support (helpful for long bouts of playing and lengthy practice sessions)
- a protective mouthpiece cap that fits snugly over the mouthpiece to keep the tip and reed safe from damage, ensuring your instrument continues to sound its very best

We've also included a pack of 10 cane reeds (2.5 reed strength) to help you get started!

The tenor saxophone is an iconic instrument that is particularly well suited for playing jazz and blues. Whichever path you choose, we know the McNeela Tenor Saxophone will be the perfect companion for your musical journey.

Key Features of The McNeela Black Nickel Beginner Tenor Sax:

  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Key of Bb
  • Black nickel-plated body with gold lacquered brass keys
  • Smooth, rich, resonant tone
  • Easy blowing design & response
  • High F# auxiliary key
  • Tilting spatula keys: G#-Bb
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Lightweight construction
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Includes mouthpiece, reeds and case
The McNeela Beginner Tenor Saxophone Set Includes:
  • Saxophone neck strap
  • Mouthpiece cap
  • Protective/polishing gloves
  • Cork grease
  • Cleaning cloth & brush

Bonus Features:

  • Includes pack of 10 cane reeds (2.5 reed strength)
  • Comes with quality protective soft case

Please note: stand is not included

The Difference Between Tenor Saxophones & Alto Saxophones

The most obvious difference between the two instruments is their size. The tenor sax is larger and heavier than the alto sax. As a result, the tenor saxophone produces a deeper, more mellow sound while the alto sax has a higher, brighter tone:

  • Tenor sax range: Tenor saxophones are in the key of Bb. The range of the tenor sax in concert pitch is Ab2 to E5
  • Alto sax range: Alto saxophones are in the key of Eb. The range of the alto sax in concert pitch is Db3 to Ab5

Due to its larger size, the tenor saxophone is usually preferred by adult beginners. Despite requiring more airflow than their alto counterpart, tenor saxophones are usually easier to play in tune.

The tenor saxophone is the instrument of choice for professional saxophone players and is arguably the most popular solo instrument for jazz musicians, while the alto saxophone is the solo instrument of choice for classical music.

A Quality Sound With A Quality Finish

The McNeela Beginner Tenor Saxophone is the perfect instrument to help you get started on your musical journey. Designed with playability, durability and affordability in mind, it's guaranteed to help you play your first notes with confidence. This beginner friendly instrument facilitates maximum airflow with zero leakage, offering an even, balanced performance throughout all registers, and good intonation. With this tenor sax in hand you'll see results in no time at all!

The instrument's smooth response and mellow tone are well matched by its sleek black nickel finish. In addition to giving the saxophone its distinctive good looks, the black nickel plating adds extra weight to the saxophone, producing a slightly darker tone than its gold lacquered brass counterpart.

Everything You Need

The McNeela Beginner Saxophone Set comes complete with a protective case, 10 reeds, mouthpiece cover, neck strap, cork grease, cleaning cloth and brush, polishing gloves, and even a digital tuner - everything you need to start making music straight away!

You're In Safe Hands With McNeela

We know you want peace of mind when making a musical investment, that's why we offer a one year guarantee on our saxophones against any material defects. Beyond one year we will happily service your instrument for a nominal fee.

The McNeela Guarantee:

  • 100% refundable (including shipping), for any reason. Just return the sax within 14 days.
  • One year guarantee against material defects. 
  • Free back up service for one year.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday) we ship it the same business day.
  • Low cost priority shipping worldwide 



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