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Hidersine Deluxe Rosin

150.00 Grams


 Hidersine Deluxe Rosin

Black deluxe rosin for your violin:

  • Hidersine 6v violin rosin - deluxe black rosin, British made
  • Made by Hidersine
  • Wrapped in a cloth protector and packed in a sealed box
  • Suitable for all levels of instrument and player
  • Sold worldwide for over 130 years

The Hidersine 6V Black Violin Rosin keeps your strings' response clear and dynamic. The original recipe rosin features a specific blend of wax and resin to offer the most efficient function. The dark amber formula adds richness and depth to your overall sound. The rosin is quickly absorbed by your strings and has a consistent layering to optimise playability. This model has a cloth cover and metal casing for keeping it fresh. This is ideal for home and studio violinists requiring a long lasting rosin.



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