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At McNeela, not only do we sell exquisite two-row button accordions, but also offer high quality


for sale as well!

Why choose a melodeon over an Irish button accordion?


A melodeon is an Irish button accordion with only one row of treble buttons. In our case, all of our melodeons are meticulously hand-crafted instruments from the highest quality materials usually having ten treble keys on the fingerboard and range from two to four bass buttons. Hence, our melodeons are known as ‘diatonic’ accordions, meaning that all of the notes and melodies of the instrument are tuned to one specific key. In addition, some melodeons may have an extra inner row of three buttons making it capable of playing certain melodies in different keys. Most melodeons are used as single or double-voice instruments, but some can produce up to four voices at once in different registers.

As a great example of a superior standard melodeon, our very own New McNeela Wooden


is a fantastic ten button melodeon in the key of D. Despite being a smaller sized instrument, this particular melodeon has quite a powerful and clear sound using all four of its stop-operated voices together using its incredible high quality Czech reeds. With its intricately decorated grille and premium natural finish, this beautiful melodeon is designed to last and to suit your every need as a melodeon player.

These nifty niche instruments can oftentimes be perfect for beginner players to start off with, or intermediate players who want to try a different approach to their usual playing style. To make the most of our melodeons, we also offer a variety of instrument accessories that suit both the melodeon and accordion alike. These include adjustable straps, certain instrument cases, comprehensive instructional books, and many others available on our website.

Shipping: Our musical instruments are available to customers worldwide. That being said, if you find yourself traveling through Dublin, come and say ‘Hi’. We’re situated in the industrial estate in Baldoyle, Ireland and would love it if you swung by to test our world-class melodeons in-person.

Shipping times: IRELAND (Next Day) - UK (3-5 days) - EUROPE (7 days) - USA/CANADA and Rest Of World (7 days)