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Welcome to McNeela Instruments, the home of the Celt Irish Tenor Banjo. We take pride in our vast selection of high quality, handmade tenor and 5 string banjos for all playing levels including beginners, intermediate, and advanced or professional banjo veterans. We even offer the option of setting up left-handed banjo products if you’d like. Just leave a note with your order and we'll be sure to set one up for you.

Our options span across different types of banjos for different kinds of banjo music. Even though we specialise in Irish musical instruments, our 4 and 5 string banjos are still more than capable of playing bluegrass, country western, and jazz music. Our banjo products are also available in 17 fret, 19 fret and 22 fret models for ultimate versatility. So no matter the tune nor tuning, we're sure to have a banjo for you!


We stock only the best quality banjos, made from some iconic banjo manufacturers such as Bacon & Day, Framus, Gretsch, Rettburg & Lange banjos, and more. We even stock our own branded banjo products which feature some of our best sellers. These include The Celt Tenor Banjo series (17 fret and 19 fret versions available), and the McNeela Premium 5 String Banjo to name a few.

We also have available a collection of vintage banjos and refurbished banjos for any eager collectors looking to purchase a top-grade banjo with some historical flair. Our selection of vintage banjos is currently one of the best and all of our banjos have been chosen or refurbished to a super condition, while still retaining their excellent sound.

Do you have an old banjo that’s in great shape? Contact us as we may be interested in purchasing it from you! For any other banjo related questions, be sure to check out our blog here for more info!


Want to see our world-class banjos in person? Well then be sure to visit us in Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Dublin.