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Martin Doyle Keyless B Flat Flute [SOLD]

900.00 Grams
Martin Doyle Keyless Bb Flute 
"When people play music, they offer people flowers. When people make flutes, they offer people seeds." - Martin Doyle.

Martin Doyle is one of Ireland's finest wooden flute makers. His simple system Irish flutes are renowned for their ease of playability and strong, warm tone. 

I'm thrilled to offer this beautiful, previously-owned flute by this exceptional flute maker in the key of B flat. Made from African Blackwood, this flute offers a rich, warm, mellow tone and produces plenty of volume.

Features of the Martin Doyle Keyless Bb Flute:

  • Simple system flute
  • Keyless
  • Key of B flat
  • African Blackwood
  • Wooden ferrules
  • Comfortable finger hole spacing
  • Exceptional tone
  • Easy to play
  • Comes with hard black flute case with blue velvet interior

Learn How to Care for Your Irish Wooden Flute

Expert Craftsmanship

flute-concertina-workshop-mcneela.jpgThis low flute is made of three separate pieces - the head joint and two 'middle' joints. The main body is split in two to facilitate the size of the instrument, with foot joint attached to the second of these section. It also features a conical bore.

Rather than the sterling silver ferrules typical of Martin Doyle's modern flute, this model features intricate bulbous, contoured joins - an example of the intricate woodwork this master craftsman is capable of.

Aesthetically, this model bears a striking resemblance to Martin's unique series of Baroque flutes. 

Ease of Playability

While any low flute will be a challenge for the player with small hands, the finger spacing is comfortable without requiring too much stretch.

This flute does not feature a tuning slide, but Martin's flutes are renowned for their tuning and intonation - playing in tune is never an issue. 

Like all Martin Doyle flutes, this model is easy to fill, requiring minimal airflow (especially for B flat flute) making it easy to create a strong, rich tone.

Superior Tonewood

African Blackwood is the tonewood of choice for top Irish flute players and flute makers. This dense hardwood offers a full bodied resonance and produces a strong, powerful tone.

This flute looks as good as it sounds. Its quality finish complements its superb sound. It's guaranteed to turn heads at any session!

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