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Are you looking for a portable instrument compact enough to take with you on your adventures? If so, then look no further. At McNeela Instruments, we have a number of ukuleles perfect for those travelling musicians looking for a noteworthy companion. Our ukuleles bridge the gap between Irish and Hawaiian tradition beautifully and are a great choice for any string player of any level. Whether or not you're a ukulele pro, or a ukulele beginner, we're sure to have something you can choose from.

Soprano ukuleles are a fantastic instrument for beginner musicians to learn on. These four string nylon instruments are very simple to learn and can act as a great foundation to learn other instruments like the guitar. Despite their small stature though, a good concert ukulele can be a powerful addition to a musician’s arsenal when on the road.

They have even become increasingly commonplace in Irish music as well in the last few years. Our own ukulele models are robust instruments made from either carbon fibre or high quality tonewoods such as cedarwood. In addition, we also have a customisable beginner kit ukulele that allows you to build and customize your own ukulele model. The fact that we have these compact yet high quality instruments on offer at a very affordable price makes them an absolute bargain. Even our Irish Songs for Ukulele Book is quite popular at the moment and jam packed with famous Irish melodies which are all arranged especially for the ukulele.

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