Intermediate Violins

Intermediate Violins

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Welcome to McNeela Instruments, where we stock a wide range of violins suitable for beginner players, advanced veterans, and most importantly, the intermediate players who are constantly looking to improve their skill. Our intermediate violin series covers a number of high quality acoustic violin, and electric violin models for all players looking to move on from their beginner level and the pitfalls a beginner-grade violin may bring.

Naturally, intermediate violins do tend to be a bit more expensive than more beginner-focused violins, due to the higher quality craftsmanship and higher grade tonewoods being used such as ebony, spruce and maple. These changes mean that the intermediate violins produce a much more resonant sound over that of the beginner violins, as well as having better intonation and a greater dynamic range. You’ll be sure to hear the tonal differences between these two tiers of violins in person!

Not only do we have some incredible full size models in this range, but we also have on offer a number of other accessories to help upgrade your violin playing setup even further. Some of these accessories are absolutely essential to any violinist and include; quality violin bows made from carbon fibre, and high grade rosin from the likes of Hidersine and Bogaro & Clemente. Our various other accessories such as our instructional music books and violin hard cases, are also fundamental in making your violin playing experience and violin maintenance easier.

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