Violin Cases

Violin Cases

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When buying an instrument such as the violin, it’s very important to have a reliable instrument case to protect your violin against common scratches and blemishes you can rack up during practice and gigging. That’s why at McNeela Instruments, we offer a number of violin cases at a great price to perfectly designed to protect your fiddle from any bumps or scrapes when playing at your next trad session!

Our oblong violin shaped cases are mainly made from an incredibly durable polycarbonate exterior, or a sturdy canvas exterior, and all of our cases are padded internally for ultimate protection and shock absorption. Some of our longer-shaped violin case models can hold multiple violin bows and can also be used with detachable shoulder straps for ease of carry. Plus, our violin/bow case hybrids are made to be lightweight and with extra external pockets to carry other violin essentials such as rosin, strings, tuners, sheet music, and much more!

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