Banjo Straps

Banjo Straps

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At McNeela Instruments, not only do we sell a wide array of high quality banjos, but also a selection of top accessories to go alongside them to enrich the banjo playing experience. We sell some excellent adjustable banjo straps, designed to support your banjo and make playing the banjo much more comfortable.

Our Celtic leather banjo straps offer the perfect support for our top-grade banjos. Each designed with an intricate Celtic-knot design and reinforced with strong stitching to ensure its durability while still being particularly eye-catching. Each of our straps are also made with comfort in mind, and so are padded for ease of use when wearing one for long periods of time.

Not only do these straps fit banjos, but they can also be used as a guitar strap and a strap for other instruments such as bodhráns and mandolins as well to give them a bit of a traditional Irish flare. 

We also sell a wide variety of accessories which include instructional books, picks, banjo tuners, CD’s and many more to help you take your banjo knowledge to the next level.

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