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Premier Student Violin


McNeela Premier Student Violin The McNeela Premier Student Violin is a beautifully crafted instrument suitable for beginner and intermediate fiddle players of all levels. This premium student fiddle will help you on your musical journey, taking your...


Hidersine Vivente Violin [SOLD OUT]


Hidersine Vivente ViolinSOLD OUT Hidersine violins are perfectly suited for student violin players. These high quality, low cost instruments cater perfectly for the needs of beginner musicians, redefining all expectations of student violins and...


Fiddle Stand


The Hercules Violin/Viola Stand   The Hercules Violin/Viola Stand features the Auto Grip System (AGS) which protects your violin and is also compact enough to transport easily.  Key Features of the Hercules Violin Stand  The built-in...

Jean Baptiste

Jean Baptiste Colin Violin [SOLD]


This French instrument made by Jean Baptiste Colin (1841-1923) is in excellent condition. It has a wonderful, sweet yet strong, and penetrating sound - an excellent professional instrument. Colin was based in Mirecourt, though sometimes also in Paris. He...