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Advanced Irish Flutes

Welcome to the McNeela Advanced Irish Flute Store where you will find handcrafted Irish flutes for sale by one of the great flute makers of Ireland, Sam Murray

Murray has attained almost legendary status amongst Irish flute makers and flute players alike thanks to his carefully designed and exquisitely crafted wooden flutes. Choose from keyless Irish flutes to fully keyed flutes. Perfect for intermediate, advanced and

professional flute

players and just made for traditional Irish and Celtic flute music.

"A few years ago I invested in a fine flute, crafted by Sam Murray, and the notes that come out are mellow and delicious to the ear"- Michael Harding, The Irish Times

Sam Murray

Sam Murray Mopane Flute


Sam Murray Mopane Flute UPDATE: I've one gorgeous mopane flute just in from Sam Murray ready to sell. Mopane is a heavy wood but not as dense as African Blackwood and offers a stronger timbre tone sound and a deep timbre tone sound with serious volume,...

Sam Murray Chakate Flute [SOLD]


Sam Murray Chakate Flute Limited Run   SOLD Sam Murray flutes are known for their rich tone and ease of play and this flute is no exception. Made of chakate - a hard, dense tonewood with a fine grain - it produces a powerful tone that...

Sam Murray

Sam Murray Flute


Sam Murray African Blackwood Flute   Sam Murray is celebrated the world over for the quality and craftsmanship of his superior flutes. This renowned flute maker from Belfast has been honing his craft for almost fifty years. He...