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Beginner Silver Concert Flute w/Double Headjoint [PM Series]

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McNeela Beginner Concert Flute [PM Series]

This is a wonderful beginner flute that offers a rich, warm tone, good volume, and excellent playability. 

Features of the McNeela Beginner Silver Concert Flute

  • Two headjoints - curved & standard
  • 16 hole
  • Closed holes
  • Silver-plated nickel headjoint, body and keys
  • C footjoint
  • Offset G
  • Split E mechanism

Bonus Features:

  • Protective hard case with velvet lining
  • Premium leather carry case

Designed with beginner flute players in mind, this flute is easy to play and easy to fill. It offers a strong tone throughout its entire range, without making the player work too hard to achieve it, and produces a strong low C.  You'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the rich, warm tone. 

The keys are highly responsive - easy to reach and easy to press - as is the instrument itself. 

This superb beginner flute comes with two head joints - one curved and one standard - making it the ideal starter instrument for beginners of any age.

The curved headjoint makes it easily accessible for young children or petite musicians, who may struggle with the stretch required in the early stages. As you grow or progress you can switch the headjoints and continue to develop your flute playing without needing to upgrade your instrument.

Learn about the difference between classical Boehm system flutes and traditional Irish wooden flutes

Boehm System Flute FAQ:

  • What is a C footjoint?
    A C foot joint means that the lowest note you can play with this foot joint attached to the flute is the note C.
  • What is an offset G?
    A flute with an offset G means the G key, operated by the left ring finger, is off centre and not in line with other keys. Because this finger is shorter than the middle finger it is more comfortable and ergonomic for this key to be offset, making it easier to reach, than if the key was inline (keys all in a straight line). This makes an instrument with an offset G key easier to operate for players with smaller hands.
  • What is a split E mechanism?
    A split E mechanism increases the stability of the flute's third register E, helping to produce a stronger tone and improving intonation, and making the note easier to produce by closing certain keys on the flute.

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