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Sam Murray 6 Keyed Flute (Custom Made)

900.00 Grams
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Sam Murray 6-Keyed Traditional Flute

 Please allow up to 12 months lead-time for your Sam Murray Keyed Flute

Sam Murray is celebrated the world over for the quality and craftsmanship of his superior flutes. This custom made premium African Blackwood traditional six-keyed flute. The tone is powerful but also beautifully balanced and sweet with that all-important strong low D and its light weight makes it a delight to handle.

Made from rare African Blackwood, a fine and dense wood, and finished with sterling silver rings and keys, its high-end finish complements its superb sound. With loads of volume it's ideal in a fast session. The embouchure is such that the flute is easy to fill and keep filled, promoting an ease of sustained play without exhausting your lungs.


Standard 6 Key Set-Up:

C natural, Bb, G#, F natural (two keys), Eb

Get in touch if you require any specific customisation

Comes with a foam-lined flute box perfect for travelling and storing your Sam Murray flute. 


IRELAND (Next Day)

UK (5 - 7 days)

EUROPE (7 days)

USA and CANADA (7 - 10 days)

REST OF WORLD (10 - 14 days)

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