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Setanta Intermediate Low D Whistle

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Setanta Intermediate Low D Whistle
The iconic Setanta sound, for intermediate students!
Cheaper tin whistles are fine for the beginner stage, but to really elevate your playing it’s worth investing in a good quality midrange instrument. A higher quality, well-made instrument is going to sound better and be easier to play than an entry level instrument. You’ll also be more motivated to practice if you sound good, right from the start!
The new Setanta Intermediate Low Whistle is one of the best tuneable low whistles on the market today, designed with the needs of intermediate players in mind. With its rich, warm tone and ease of playability, this expertly crafted whistle will give you the helping hand you need to take the next step on your musical journey.
So if you’re looking for an affordable low whistle that will offer you all of the qualities of a premium whistle at a fraction of the cost, and help take your playing to the next level, then look no further...

Key Features of the Setanta Low D Whistle 
  • Tenor Low Whistle in D
  • Tuneable
  • Two piece aluminium construction
  • Well balanced
  • Warm, clear tone
  • Great Volume 
  • Strong low D
  • Great Irish Session Whistle
  • Setanta Low Whistle Case available to purchase separately

This quality low whistle is a worthy investment for any intermediate level whistle player. You’ll be able to hear and feel the difference a well crafted instrument makes to your playing.

Setanta whistles have caught the eye of professional tin whistle players John McSherry and Alan Doherty, who can been seen in the video above, playing at the launch of the original Setanta Low Whistle in Swords, County Dublin.

These quality whistles have garnered the acclaim of these legendary players, with John McSherry even proclaiming that "they play themselves!" High praise indeed.

Piper's Grip: Please note that due to the size and spacing of the toneholes, we recommend using piper’s grip to play this low whistle. This grip involves playing with flattened fingers, with the fingertips extended beyond the tone holes. You can learn more about it here: McNeela's Guide to the Piper’s Grip.


john-o-brien-setanta-low-whistle-workshop.jpgSetanta Whistles are designed and produced in Dublin, Ireland, by renowned whistle player John O’Brien.

John has spent numerous years playing whistles and uilleann pipes professionally on the road with Riverdance, Celtic Woman and Celtic Thunder (to name but a few) in venues ranging from London's Royal Albert Hall to Carngie Hall and Broadway in New York. 

John felt it was time to produce a range of quality instruments specifically designed for the rigours of performing professionally across musical genres from céilí bands to orchestral work.

With this in mind, he developed his new range of Setanta whistles featuring a beautifully warm clear tone in all octaves, excellent responsiveness and exceptionally accurate tuning.

This has been a labour of love for John but in order to bring his concept from dream to reality he enlisted the expertise of his long time friend, musician, and instrument manufacturer, Paraic McNeela. 

This whistle has been precisely engineered featuring a warm balanced tone, excellent responsiveness and highly accurate tuning.

Reviews for the Setanta Pro Low Whistle

  • "Very nice craftsmanship. Solid made and flawless finish." - Henrik B.

  • "Such a beautiful, responsive instrument... everything I had hoped for in its rich sound." - Nan F.

  • "Lovely whistle. Great sound. Excellent service." - Steve W.

  • "The Setanta low-D is a marvel. The tone is beautiful throughout the range. So, is the intonation... I very much appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship in this whistle. The finger holes are nicely beveled for comfortable and accurate playing... A great price for the best low-whistle I’ve ever played!" - Bill T.

Tuneable vs Non Tuneable Low Whistles

Like all musical instruments, low whistles are affected by changes in the weather - specifically the temperature. The higher the temperature, the warmer your whistle and the sharper the sound of the pitch produced.

So if you're playing at a session in a crowded venue, chances are after a while your whistle will be playing at a higher pitch than when you began. The opposite also applies. If you’re playing outdoors or in colder temperatures, chances are your whistle may sound a little flat. How do you combat this? With a tuneable whistle.

Tuneable low whistles come with a tuning slide that allows you to adjust the pitch of the instrument. Extending the tuning slide flattens or lowers the pitch, while closing it sharpens or raises the pitch. Vital for group or ensemble playing, a tuning slide will allow you to match your fellow musicians' pitch and make some great sounding music together.

Learn More About The Irish Low Whistle 

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