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McNeela Uilleann Pipes Practice Set

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McNeela Uilleann Pipes Practice Set

Legendary Irish piper Willie Clancy once famously said that it takes "seven years of learning, seven years of practice, and seven years of playing" to master the Irish uilleann pipes, but don't let that put you off! The McNeela Uilleann Pipes Practice Set is here to help you get started on your piping journey. 

This beginners set is perfect for those who want to take their first steps into the world of uilleann piping, regardless of age. 

Like all standard beginner practice sets it consists of the three basic elements of pipe bag, bellows and chanter, with no drones or regulators.This simplified setup is ideal for learning, and will allow you to explore the three most critical elements of uilleann piping, mastering use of the bag, bellows and chanter.

Most importantly the McNeela Uilleann Pipes Practice Set offers the characteristic tone associate with this iconic Irish instrument. These quality pipes will have you sounding good in no time, helping you to drastically reduce the learning period by making practice a breeze. The rosewood chanter in the key of D produces a clear, bright tone, with plenty of volume and strong intonation - perfect for playing at any Irish music session. 

Features of the McNeela Uilleann Pipes:

  • Irish uilleann pipes
  • D chanter made from rosewood
  • Beginner starter set
  • Pipes bag
  • Leather bellows
  • Chanter
  • Suitable for all ages

Bonus Features:

  • Comes with a free protective case


This is a sleek looking instrument that’s been expertly crafted from quality, sustainable rosewood.

Rosewood is a dense tone wood that offers excellent resonance and a warm, earthy tone. It's ideal for traditional Irish instruments, producing a tone that’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with the uilleann pipes.

Quality Design Sound

McNeela instruments are built to sound good right from their very first note, and my uilleann pipes starter set is no exception. The chanter produces a clear, bright tone, with plenty of volume and strong intonation.

It’s important to start out on an instrument that sounds good as it will really give your playing a boost. It really makes practicing much easier and far more enjoyable when you like what you hear.


If there’s one thing we love at McNeela Instruments it’s making music accessible to everyone. We offer quality instruments at affordable prices, designed specifically with the needs of student musicians in mind, and now we’ve set our sights on the Irish harp. 

Historically, uilleann pipes, even starter sets, have always been a huge investment, making them inaccessible to many. The McNeela Uilleann Pipes Starter Set is a game changer, offering exceptional value for money.

It even comes with a free travel case to help protect these beautiful pipes from any unexpected knocks and bumps. This sturdy case makes storing and transporting your pipes so much easier.

The Uilleann Pipes

The Uilleann pipes are the Irish form of the bagpipes - a family of instruments found in various cultures and folk music throughout Europe, as well as parts of Asia and Africa. The name derives from the Irish term for elbow - the part of the body with which the bag and bellows are operated.

The uilleann pipes are the most highly developed of all bagpipes, with its sophisticated design providing greater musical possibilities than any other type of bagpipe. Today a full set of modern pipes comprises bag, bellows and chanter, drones and regulators which allows the player to simultaneously play both melody and accompaniment. 

The Benefits of Starter Sets

Due to the complex nature of the instrument, most piping experts advise those who are new to the uilleann pipes to start out on a practice set. A standard beginner practice sets consists of just pipe bag, bellows and chanter.

  • Bellows: Supplies the air for the pipe system
  • Bag: Stores the air supply and maintains and distributes even air pressure 
  • Chanter: The chanter, along with the reed inside, is used to control the pitch and play the melody.

To play the uilleann pipes proficiently you must pump the bellows steadily while simultaneously controlling the pressure on the bag and playing the melody on the chanter. Beginners often learn to play on practice sets until they become comfortable with these basic mechanics. 

The Difference Between the Uilleann Pipes and the Bagpipes:

The distinctive Irish style of pipes emerged around the beginning of the 18th century. Its distinguishing features contrast with those of the Scottish bagpipes:

  • The uilleann pipe bag is filled with air by use of bellows, whereas on the bagpipes it is filled by a mouth blown pipe.
  • The uilleann pipe chanter or melody pipe has a range of two octaves, compared with the range of just 9 notes on the bagpipes.
  • A full set of uilleann pipes features the addition of regulators, or closed chanters, that allow the piper to play accompaniment alongside the melody.

Good to Know:

  • 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the McNeela Uilleann Pipes Practice Set. See our Shipping & Returns Policy.
  • One year warranty. All our new uilleann pipes come with a one year guarantee for parts and service.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), we ship it the same business day.

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