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The NEW Irish (Cocuswood) Flute

900.00 Grams
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The NEW McNeela Cocuswood Irish Flute  

Cocuswood has always been considered one of the finest tonewoods and was used extensively for woodwind instruments in the 19th century.

The NEW McNeela Irish Cocuswood Flute is perfect for intermediate players and beginners who want just a little more from their starter flute.

This cocuswood flute is exceptionally smooth to play, with a full, bright and richly complex tone featuring an improved tonal quality and an even better low D.

"My Cocuswood Flute is probably the best premium beginner flute on the Irish flute market today, a really special flute to play" - Paraic McNeela




Key features of the New McNeela Cocuswood Irish Flute

    • Key of D.
    • 8 Tone Holes.
    • Tuning Slide for pitch adjustment.
    • New & Improved bright, rich tone.
    • Very smooth to play. 
    • Comes with a stylish shock-proof foam-lined hard case perfect for transporting and storing.
    • New & Improved Strong Low D.
    • Free Priority Shipping


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How we make our flutes: 

A lot of time and precision goes into the making of our flutes and we are always improving and innovating.

Our New & Improved Cocuswood flute uses an advanced sealing technique which ensures that the flute doesn't leak precious air and enables you to produce an even stronger low D and an even better sound.

Our careful and precise tuning process during the manufacturing stage means you can play each note in tune with confidence and ease leaving you to focus on your performance.

Our tuning slide ensures you’ll always be able to adjust the pitch to adapt to any playing situation from a session environment to outdoor recitals and everything in between.

Caring for your McNeela Cocuswood flute

Dry your flute thoroughly after playing to prevent trapped moisture distorting and warping the wood. Always take it apart after playing and when storing, this takes pressure off the tenons. 

Lightly oil the bore when necessary and pay extra attention if you live in a particularly dry climate. Use cork grease on the cork lapping to allow for ease of disassembling.

Never pull when disassembling, rather twist each part backwards and forwards and gently coax it off. Try to avoid very dry conditions and do not leave the flute in direct sunlight or near a source of heat. Always warm up before play.  


Comes With A Premium Foam-Lined Hard Case

You're guaranteed with McNeela: We provide a guarantee for any material defects or dissatisfaction. We proudly offer a One-year guarantee* on the Irish flute against any material defects arising from the product. We're quite comfortable with this, knowing the quality of the manufacturing process. Even beyond one year, we will service the flute for a nominal fee.

*Please note: We cannot guarantee wooden flutes against cracks in extreme climates including the USA and Australia. If in doubt choose a polymer flute like our excellent Lon Dubh Irish Flute.

We recommend adding to cart the The Complete Beginners Guide to the Irish Flute as the perfect tutorial accompaniment to the NEW McNeela Cocuswood Irish Flute.

Good to know:

  • 100% refundable including shipping (for any reason, just send it back up to 14 days from when you receive the flute).
  • One year guarantee. Please note: We cannot guarantee wooden flutes against cracks in extreme climates including the USA and Australia. If in doubt choose a Delrin flute like our excellent Lon Dubh Irish Flute.

  • Free re-corking service.
  • Comes with a free foam lined box. The box contains three compartments for your whistles and is shock absorbent for extra protection. Please note whistles are not included.

  • If purchased before 12 pm (Monday-Friday), we'll ship it the same business day.

  • Free Priority shipping worldwide  



All orders placed before 12pm are shipped the same day.

IRELAND (Next Day)

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