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Setanta Soprano Whistle - High D

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 Setanta Soprano Whistle - High D

Launched late 2018 the Setanta Soprano Irish Whistles range has taken the professional Irish whistle world by storm. 

Have a listen to the video to hear the superb tone and flexibility of this hand crafted brass whistle. Watch and listen to hear the different fipples and their various tones. 

Precision engineered with an excellent, vibrant full-bodied tone featuring superior tuning and responsiveness.

We provide a top-end product at an astonishingly affordable price.

Personalise your whistle with your own choice of fipple: 

1. The All Brass Head - providing the warmest tone. Has more mid-range frequencies and sounds particularly at home with the C whistle.

2. The Brass and Delrin Head - a little more balanced tone with a healthy smattering of high frequencies, providing more colour and body.

3. The Delrin Head - featuring the colour and body of the Brass & Delrin Head plus more high end frequencies. The result is a brighter tone more suited to cutting through in a session.

"I highly recommend the Delrin head for your outdoor summer sessions, it's punchy, bright and warm" - John O'Brien, Maker


For a limited time only, when you purchase a Setanta Soprano Whistle in any key, you will receive three free online whistle lessons with professional musician, maker and tutor, John O’Brien.

These lessons feature three extended beginner lessons by the end of which you will be playing a polka and a classic Irish jig and will have learnt a few excellent tricks on the whistle with notes on breathing, tonguing and taps.

Reviews for the Setanta Soprano D Whistle

"For me it's perfect: just pure brass, very well made, heavy and solid in your hands but you get used immediately. I am used to professional wind instruments and this gives you the same nice feeling.

In my opinion the sound is gorgeous, it has a beautiful dark sweet tone, perfectly balanced in both two octaves, great volume without being too loud and very easy to play ... I wanted something sweeter and I found the perfect sound for me. I have tried many but this instrument is absolutely "The One" for me!" - Mirco L.

"Such a treat when the whistle arrived and I actually had a free morning to play it. Beautiful sound, secure feel to the playing quality - it feels very special, and I look forward to getting to know it more" - Laura B.

"This is a wonderful sounding whistle. It’s a pleasure to play." - David B


Please note, whilst we will endeavour to ship all orders immediately, bear in mind these are handcrafted instruments, made to order and some minor delays may occur.

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