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Sam Murray Mopane Flute

750.00 Grams
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Sam Murray Mopane Flute

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UPDATE: I've one gorgeous mopane flute just in from Sam Murray ready to sell. Mopane is a heavy wood but not as dense as African Blackwood and offers a stronger timbre tone sound and a deep timbre tone sound with serious volume, perfect for a session or band performance - Paraic

It makes a gorgeous sound and takes very little to produce a bright tone. Very strong timbre tone even more so than African blackwood 

Mopane is a dense and oily hardwood similar to African Blackwood but even hardier, requiring little maintenance or oiling - the tone is similar in power to that of blackwood but slightly warmer although you can get a good bounce on the notes. Will suit very dry or very humid climates as, with the proper care, it is more crack resistant than African Blackwood.

Comes With A Free Top Quality Foam Lined Flute Box

Get in touch with me if you'd like more details:


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