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Monzani Vintage Wooden Flute

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Monzani Vintage Wooden Flute   

Tebaldo Monzani was the most important 19th Century London flute maker prior to Rudall & RoseI'm thrilled to offer this beautiful, vintage flute by this exceptional flute maker. This is a keyed wooden flute featuring an Eb, F♮, G# and Bb key. Made from chacate - a fine grain, hard, dense tonewood that's lighter than African blackwood, it offers a sweet, bright, warm tone with good volume. The beautiful chacate exterior is complemented by ivory ferrule rings.

I can confirm that it plays beautifully.

While it's stamped with the name Monzani & Co, there is no serial number located on this flute, leading us to believe that the middle joint may have been replaced at some point. This flute is similar in style to many that Monzani would have produced prior to 1815 when he introduced a different design for his flutes, featuring tuning heads and a straight profile without strengthening bulges at the joints.

The finger spacing and positioning of the keys may take some adjustment for modern flute players, but it's worth it to enjoy a truly unique flute playing experience. Like most of Monzani's early flutes, this flute does not feature a tuning slide.

Features of the Monzani Vintage Wooden Flute:

  • Keyed wooden flute
  • 4 keys: Eb, F, G# and Bb
  • Crafted from Chacate
  • Ivory ferrules
  • Large tone holes
  • Good response
  • Comes with protective black flute case

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About The Maker

Born in Verona, Italy in 1762, Tebaldo Monzani moved to London c.1785 where he worked as a solo and orchestral musician. From 1800 the composer and flute virtuoso turned his hand to flute making, entering into a partnership with Henry Hill (1781–1839). The company, trading as Monzani & Hill or Monzani & Co, came under royal patronage around 1815 as 'music seller to the Prince Regent'. Monzani retired in 1829, with Hill continuing to operate the business under the name Hill, late Monzani & Co.

Monzani & Co. produced a large number of high quality flutes, of which around 150 survive. An innovative flute maker, Monzani's workmanship was highly regarded and his instruments were crafted from quality materials. Boxwood was sometimes used, but the majority of his instruments were made from ebony, coconut wood, rosewood and ivory.  

Expert Craftsmanship

This chacate wooden flute is made of three separate pieces - the head joint and two 'middle' joints, with foot joint attached to the second of these section. Alongside ivory ferrules, this model features bulbous contoured joins which serve to strengthen and reinforce the flute. Aesthetically, this model bears a striking resemblance to one housed in Horniman Museum & Gardens: Object No. 14.5.47/6

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