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Brand New Delrin Intermediate Keyed Flute

800.00 Grams
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The Brand New Delrin® 6 Keyed Flute by McNeela  


This is a superb value fully keyed Delrin® flute with a great low D tone. With loads of volume, this flute is ideal in a fast session and for those wishing to upgrade from a non-keyed flute.

A normal fully keyed flute made from African Blackwood would cost well over €2,000 showing this Delrin® version to be great value plus it compares very well to any of the fully keyed flutes we've tried.

This flute must be tried to appreciate its gorgeous tones and great intonation and is perfect for those wishing to test the keyed flute waters; we offer a 14 day trial wherein you can send it back to us for a full refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.

If you love it you can go for something a little more sophisticated after a couple of years moreover it’s also a perfect backup flute for those not-so-wood-friendly venues (like festivals, traveling, etc). Or leave it assembled at home and easy to reach, always available for a quick play.

Delrin® is a tough, lightweight and durable acetal polymer with inherent low friction, low wear, low noise, low moisture pick-up and excellent spring back properties and makes for an excellent low maintenance flute as it is not subject to cracks due to dryness or stress at the joints.

This Delrin® flute is made to sound and play as closely as possible to a good wooden flute. The joints are lined with natural cork. The traditional elliptical style is standard and provides a wide range of tonal flexibility.




Tuning Slide

The tuning slide means you can adjust the pitch to adapt to any playing situation from a session environment to outdoor recitals and everything in between. Also handy if your venerable fellow musician is playing slightly sharp or flat.

Foot Joints

This flute has a separate foot joint with two holes. This is derived from the traditional eight key flute, where the two foot joint holes are closed by keys to give the C sharp and C natural notes. We have retained the basic design because it nicely balances the weight of the metal tuning slide, to give a very comfortable flute.  


6 Key Set Up

Keys are mounted on integral pins, following traditional design. All keys are made from nickel-silver. Foot keys (D# and C natural) are the traditional articulated design, with the key and pin locations positioned to give a quick response and a very positive seal. Keyed for Eb, 2 x F natural, G# and Bb.


This is a tapered bore "simple system" flute based on originals made during the 1800's, with the greatest influence being the flutes made by Hawkes and Son of London. The design has been adapted to give the characteristics sought after by players of Irish Traditional Music. Our flutes achieve a balance of tone, volume, and flexibility throughout the 2 1/2 octave range. The standard flute is pitched in the key of D and tuned to concert pitch (A440) with a tuning slide to adjust the tuning or playing style.

Comes with a Foam Lined Flute Box & Free Shipping for a Limited Time Only

Key Points:

  • 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the flute.

  • 3 year guarantee (this is very important when considering what flute to buy).

  • Comes with a free foam lined box, which has 3 compartments for whistles.

  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), it is shipped the same business day.

  • 100% Refundable including shipping (for any reason, just send it back within 14 days from when you receive the flute).

  • Free Priority Shipping Worldwide



All orders placed before 12pm are shipped the same day.

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