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McNeela Mountain Dulcimer

3,501.00 Grams

McNeela Mountain Dulcimer


The mountain dulcimer or Appalachian dulcimer is the perfect instrument for folk music enthusiasts or those looking to try something new.

With just four strings and a simple diatonic fret pattern, this mountain dulcimer is perfect for learning the basics. In fact, the mountain dulcimer is one of the easiest string instruments to learn, making it a great choice for those looking to take their first steps into the exciting world of folk music.

This lightweight 4 string dulcimer is also ideal for musicians on the go. Its compact size and lightweight construction mean you can take it anywhere. It also makes a great gift for the folk music lover in your life!

Features of the McNeela Mountain Dulcimer:

  • Appalachian/mountain dulcimer
  • 4 strings
  • Traditional design
  • Diatonic fingerboard layout
  • Spruce body
  • Steel strings
  • 4 tuning pegs

See a mountain dulcimer in action:

The Mountain Dulcimer

A member of the zither family, the Appalachian dulcimer, or mountain dulcimer as it's commonly known, is a US folk instrument that originated in Europe. Different to the hammered dulcimer, the mountain dulcimer is a narrow zither with three to five metal strings running over a fretted fingerboard.

Unlike other string instruments the fingerboard is set centrally along the entire length of the dulcimer. The traditional way to play the instrument is to lay it flat on the lap and pluck or strum the strings with the right hand, while fretting with the left. Dulcimer players use a small stick or dowel, called a 'noter' to pluck or strum the strings.

Another significant difference between the mountain dulcimer and other folk string instruments lies in the layout of the finger board. Appalachian or mountain dulcimers are typically arranged in a diatonic scale whereas instruments like the banjo, mandolin or bouzouki are fretted chromatically.

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