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Rosewood Deep Rim 14" Tunable Bodhran

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 The McNeela Rosewood 14" Tuneable Deep-Rim Bodhrán 

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Paraic McNeela has been making bodhráns for nearly 40 years, it's not a hobby for him, it's a passion. He developed this beautiful Rosewood Deep Rim 14" Tuneable Bodhrán especially for serious players based on feedback and special requests, and to his delight it was an instant hit with the professional bodhrán playing community. 

This Rosewood Bodhrán has been handcrafted and designed to be light in weight, produce a deep tone and represent the pinnacle of modern bodhrán making.

Key Features of the Rosewood Deep Rim 14" Tuneable Bodhrán

  • Crafted using high quality rosewood. 
  • Light in weight, which makes it easier for the player to hold and control.
  • Produces a beautiful deep and rich tone with great sustain.
  • Highly responsive 
  • Has a removable T-bar and arm cut-out for even more playing comfort.
  • 6-point tuning system with Allen key included
  • Taped to extend its harmonic range and produce a gorgeous tone
  • Hand-selected, specially treated and cured goatskin
  • Head-turning good looks to match the sound it produces

A lot of people may overlook the bodhrán making process and think it's unimportant, however the way a bodhrán is crafted is extremely important. Time and time again, I get calls from people telling me how they have just bought a cheap bodhrán, and after just a hours of playing they realise that the sound quality is poor and no amount of playing or practising will make it sound good - this is the last thing any musician wants.  

When a bodhrán is being crafted, there are 23 different decisions a bodhrán maker must make and believe us none should be taken lightly! We know when crafting bodhráns and all other music instruments, it's the finer details that count. That's why we design, test and craft using the finest materials - we know when making bodhráns that everything counts and the result will evoke that wonderful beat which we all love and are drawn too. 


The skin is the most important part of the bodhrán. That's why we only use the best goat skins. Our skins are sustainably sourced from healthy animals, carefully selected and examined for quality. They produce great depth of sound and are easy to tune.  We've done many blind tests and the results are staggering. Even non-bodhrán players can tell the difference between a good quality skin and a poor one - it's that obvious. Our skins are naturally hand-cured in lime, which gives that all-important bass tone, then 'pickled' to close up the pores and finally stretched and left to sun dry, achieving a lovely clean 'bleached' finish.

“Whatever way Paraic cures them and treats them, I can get everything I want out of them. There’s a lovely sound to [the goatskins].” Jim Woods

Why we use rosewood: We only use the best quality of wood and this bodhrán is made using rosewood. Rosewood is a hardwood and is quite dense and heavy. The more dense the wood the better the resonance. Rosewood is not quite as dense as cocuswood or blackwood but it is still hard enough to allow for a strong earthly resonance, a really beautiful aesthetic and it's cost effective at the same time. 

For a great bodhrán text and CD tutorial, check out Steáfán Hannigan’s tremendous Bodhrán Basics 

Key Points:

  • 100% refundable including shipping (For any reason, just return it up to 14 days from when you receive the bodhran). 
  • 1 year guarantee (this is very important when considering what Bodhran to buy).
  • Has a removable T-bar and arm cut-out for even more playing comfort.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Monday-Friday), we'll ship it the same business day.


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