Wheatstone Concertina [SOLD]

1,200.00 Grams
Wheatstone 'Linota' Concertina

This is a reconditioned Linota Wheatstone concertina - top of the Wheatstone Range and it features riveted action and metal buttons.

We have this beauty in-store. Please come in and test it, it's a gem. Or get in touch with us for more details: Contact Us

To buy call us on: +353 18322432 

Are you looking for a solid step up from your beginner or student concertina but you don’t want to break the bank? Take a look at the McNeela Phoenix Concertina. It features a Jeffries layout, premium hand-finished ('tipo a mano') reeds and the best action you’ll find in the intermediate Anglo concertina category. It’s also light and compact making it a joy to play.


Discover more about the best intermediate concertina to buy on the market today.




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