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Lachenal Rosewood 30 Key Concertina 6899 {sold }

1,100.00 Grams
Lachenal No. 6899

Reconditioned 30 Key Anglo Concertina in great condition, ready to play.

Key Features of the Lachenal Anglo Concertina No. 6899

  • Fully reconditioned/reconstructed
  • Steel Reeds
  • New Valves
  • New Pads
  • New Leather Hand Straps
  • Rosewood Ends
  • 6-Fold New Leather Bellows
  • Traditional Wood Carrier Case
  • Bone Keys

Please email us for more details or to purchase this concertina 

Are you looking for a solid step up from your beginner or student concertina but you don’t want to break the bank? Take a look at the McNeela Phoenix Concertina. It features a Jeffries layout, premium hand-finished ('tipo a mano') reeds and the best action you’ll find in the intermediate Anglo concertina category. It’s also light and compact making it a joy to play.  

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Sorry but we can't accept trade-ins on this concertina


Please note that this concertina was incorrectly thought to have mahogany ends however it has come to my attention that the ends are in fact rosewood, which makes this a very valuable concertina indeed. - Paraic McNeela

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