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Jeffries 44 Button Concertina

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Jeffries 44 Button Concertina

It’s hard to mistake a Jeffries Concertina. From the ornately decorated fretwork of the mirrored metal ends, to the gold leaf tooling on the bellows frame. This is a concertina that looks as good as it sounds.

This striking instrument is a 44 button Anglo concertina with C/G tuning, featuring metal buttons and metal ends.The six fold leather bellows is exquisitely decorated in signature Jeffries style and is guaranteed to turn heads.

This beautiful vintage Anglo concertina is a superbly crafted instrument from the iconic concertina maker Charles Jeffries. Jeffries concertinas are renowned for their seamless action and superb response. This concertina is no exception.

This Jeffries concertina offers superb playability and an exceptional tone, unrivalled in many modern concertinas today. It's a true delight to play!

Features of the Jeffries 44 Button Vintage Concertina:

  • Anglo concertina
  • 44 buttons
  • C/G tuning
  • 6 fold leather bellows
  • Metal buttons
  • Steel Reeds

Bonus Features:

  • Exceptional clear, bright tone
  • Highly responsive instrument
  • Fast action
  • Incredibly easy to play
  • Free concertina hard case

This is a superb opportunity to get your hands on a true gem of an instrument. Jeffries concertinas are regarded as some of the best in the market and are in huge demand. Contact us today for further information or visit us in store to try this beautiful vintage concertina out for yourself.

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Concertina Care Tips

Vintage concertinas, like any musical instrument, require care. The concertina storage tips below, courtesy of Chris Algar, will ensure your concertina stays in top condition for longer and will help maintain smooth action and playability.


  • When not playing your concertina, always store your concertina in its hard case with the lid fastened to prevent dust or grit getting in and affecting the intricate internal mechanism.


  • Concertinas hate extremes of temperature and humidity, we recommend storing your concertina in its hard case, in a room with an ambient temperature of at least 18C but no more than 25C.

  • Extremes of temperature or extreme fluctuations of temperature, may cause key functioning and moveable parts of the concertina to warp, sometimes to an irreparable extent.


  • Humidity must also be kept constant, anything under 40% humidity will cause the concertina to react and will likely affect the reed pan and cause other issues that may make the concertina harder to play or may prevent it from playing at all

  • In winter keep a tray of water near the radiator in the room where you store your concertina to prevent the air from drying out.

  • Those of you on the East Coast of the US, be particularly careful as your low humidity during winter may lead to internal damage to the concertina.


  • When storing your concertina, make sure that you keep the bellows compressed. Firstly, ensure that you have the bellows compressed by placing a tight elastic band around the concertina, secondly, keep the concertina tightly packed in its hard case.

  • Keeping the bellows compressed in this way prevents them from expanding and losing elasticity and means you won’t lose action on the concertina.

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