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The Anglo Concertina Absolute Beginners CD

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The Anglo Concertina Absolute Beginners CD 

Chris Sherburn has played the Anglo Concertina from the age of eight. His parents organised Goole Folk Club, then gave lodgings to the artists. Monday nights he watched them perform. Tuesday morning he played truant and got a free lesson. Chris was mad keen for music and practised incessantly. After honing his talent at innumerable Irish music sessions, he went on to perform at major events and folk festivals.

Dave Mallinson didn't discover traditional music until the late age of twenty-two and is completely self taught. Hard work, sheer dogged determination and lengthy practice have had to be his way of life. His constant struggle to maintain his skill gives him a unique insight into the problems and difficulties facing beginners and novices.

Chris's exceptional skill and experience, combined with Dave's affinity with beginners, make an ideal combination to present this introduction to the Anglo Concertina and traditional music.

This recording has been produced as a companion soundtrack to the book of the same title. Every musical example is recorded, providing a valuable guide for students of the instrument.

The album contains the below:

1.Jingle Bells

2.Twinkle Little Star

3.When the Saints

4.Skip to My Lou

5.Lightly Row

6.Bobby Shaftoe

7.Little Brown Jug

8.The Muffin Man

9.The Scale of C Major

10.Loch Lomond

11.Yankee Doodle

12.Counting 4/4 Time

13.Winster Processional

14.Polly Put the Kettle On

15.Baa Baa Black Sheep

16.South Australia

17.Donkey Riding

18.Donkey Riding

19.New York Girls

20.Scale of D Minor Dorian

21.Drunken Sailor

22.The Bear Dance

23.Whip Jamboree

24.The Scale of G Major

25.Winster Gallop

26.I Have a Bonnet

27.Buttered Peas

28.Counting 6/8 Time

29.Humpty Dumpty Rhythm

30.Cock of the North

31.The Haymakers’ Jig

32.Shepherds’ Hey

33.Shave the Donkey

34.Hey Away

35.Swaggering Boney

36.Johnny Come Down

37.Rattlin’ Bog

38.A Hundred Pipers


40.Speed the Plough

41.The Duke of Perth

42.Oyster Girl

43.Constant Billy

44.The Tip Top Polka


46.Rakes of Mallow

47.Young Collins

48.The Scale of D Major

49.Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre

50.Lass o’ Dallowgill

51.Drops of Brandy

52.Dennis Enright’s Slide


54.Counting 2/4 Time

55.Egan’s Polka

56.Eliza Jane

57.Buffalo Girls

58.Maggie in the Wood

59.Uncle Reuben

60.Camptown Races

61.John Egan’s Polka

62.Scale of A Minor Aeolian

63.Scale of A Minor Dorian

64.Tralee Gaol

65.Ballydesmond Polka

66.O’Keeffe’s Slide

67.Scale of E Minor Aeolian

68.Scale of E Minor Dorian

69.God Rest Ye Merry

70.The Rigged Ship

71.Counting 3/4 Time

72.The Man in the Moon

73.Michael Turner’s Waltz

74.The South Wind

75.Sweet Jenny Jones D

76.Sweet Jenny Jones C

77.The Scale of A Major

78.Miss McLeod’s Reel A

79.Miss McLeod’s Reel G

80.Katie Bairdie A

81.Katie Bairdie G

82.Roxburgh Castle

83.The Bush on the Hill

84.Larry O’Gaff D

85.Larry O’Gaff G

86.Fiery Clock Face

87.Goodbye Girls

88.The Ash Grove

89.Enniskillen Dragoon

90.Rolling in the Ryegrass

91.The Home Ruler


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