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The Concertina Maintenance Manual

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The Concertina Maintenance Manual 

Beloved of many concertina aficionados, Dave Elliott has been playing and repairing concertinas since he first inherited his great-uncle Harry's concertina. This first instrument was professionally restored. Dave being a Yorkshireman felt that this took too much time and cost far too much money. Shortly afterwards, he acquired another broken-down wreck of an instrument.

The restoration of this second concertina, and the notes made at the time led to the first edition of The Concertina Maintenance Manual. Since those days, Dave has restored and serviced many concertinas from miniatures to big brass instruments, Anglo and English to duets. 

Dave is a professional engineer he graduated from Stratford University at a time long before the advent of computers and calculators. Some say that perhaps his fascination with the instrument has the same association as the side rules of his youth, perhaps it's all one big regressive anachronism!

Technical writing is part of what he does in his day-to-day technical management of aerospace manufacturing facilities. Dave uses those skills to bring together here a blend of pictures, words, techniques, tricks and tips. Dave has written several published articles and has led workshops on the subject of concertina repair, but, as he says, he is only still learning.  

Online Reviews for The Concertina Maintenance Manual

Essential - if you intend to take the lid off your instrument - buy it!

Well produced, clearly laid out and nicely illustrated, there is nothing else like this book around


  • Basic Care and Maintenance
  • Anatomy and Examination
  • Examination for Purchase
  • Running Repairs and Fault Finding
  • Basic Service and Repair Tasks
  • Replacing Valves
  • Replacing Radio and Setting Key Height
  • Bellows Repairs
  • Replacing Bushes
  • Action Plate Key Hole Bushes
  • Key Cross-Hole Bushes
  • Structural Repairs
  • Basic Reed Care Tasks
  • Reed Tuning
  • Covering a Finger Slide
  • Making a Thump Strap
  • Wrist Straps
  • Fingering Charts
  • Early Exploded Diagram
  • Help and Materials


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